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Total Visa® Card application

Do you want a no-frills card that can help you rebuild your credit? Then learn how to apply for the Total Visa® Card today and take the first step towards a better, healthier financial future.


Total Visa® Card: Find out if you’ve been approved in seconds!

Total Visa® Credit Card
See how to apply for this card. Source: The Post New.

If your credit score could use a boost, you might be interested in the Total Visa® Card. This card is designed for people with less-than-stellar credit scores, and it can help you build up your credit rating over time with responsible use.

The application process is simple and you can do it online in just a few minutes. All credit types can request the card, and you’ll find out if you’re approved in just a few seconds. With this card, you’ll get the real purchasing power of a Visa product and can start repairing your score right away.


Credit Card

Total Visa® Card

credit builder credit repair

Build a solid credit score without putting down a security deposit.

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So if you’re ready to start improving your financial life, keep reading to learn how the Total Visa® Card application process works and how you can get your hands on this card today!

Learn how to apply online

Total Visa® Credit Card
Learn how to apply online. Source: Adobe Stock.

The Total Visa® Card online application is easy and you can get your card in four simple steps through the company’s website. First, you’ll need to access their page, and the application form should be right there on the home screen. 

Fill in the required information and choose your card design in order to continue the process. You’ll need a checking account and to be over the age of 18 to continue to step 2. Once you click “continue”, you’ll need to provide a little more information about yourself, your income and employment situation. 

After that, you’ll have to review their Terms & Conditions and agree to their offer. If everything sounds good to you, click on “continue” once more and pay the one-time program fee in order for the bank to issue the card.

Once you get your Total Visa® Card in the mail, you can activate it on the official website and start using it right away!

Learn how to apply using the app

Total offers all clients an easy-to-use and intuitive mobile app to manage their accounts. However, you cannot request a new card through it. All new applications must go through their official webpage. 

Once you get the card, you can use the mobile app to stay on top of your expenses, pay your bills, check your balance and much more. 

What about another recommendation: Surge Mastercard® Credit Card

If the Total Visa® Card is not your cup of tea, it’s okay! You still have many other options out there, and one of them is the Surge Mastercard® Credit Card. The Surge card is also an unsecured card designed to help people improve their scores. You can get a $1,000 initial credit limit with the possibility of doubling it within 6 months of good and responsible use.

Check the card’s main features below and follow the recommended link for more details on how to apply for it. 

  • Sign-up bonus: There are no sign-up bonuses.
  • Annual fee: $75 – $99.
  • Rewards: This card does not offer rewards.
  • Other perks: Credit builder.
  • APR: 24.99% – 29.99% variable.
Surge Mastercard® Credit Card

How to get the Surge Mastercard® Credit Card?

Learn the easy application process for the Surge Mastercard® Credit Card and start your journey towards credit recovery today!

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