How to get your Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard®: online application process!

Gain access competitive exchange rates! Just follow our Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard® application guide and get yours in just a few minutes.


Unlock Competitive Exchange Rates and Secure Worldwide Transactions with a this Prepaid Card

Cash Passport Mastercard®
Learn how to apply for the Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard®! Source: The Post New.

Looking for competitive exchange rates that allow you to lock in rates before you travel? Our Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard® application guide will help you with that.


Debit card

Cash Passport Platinum

travel perks wide acceptance

An ideal travel money option for frequent travelers!

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With this card you have worldwide acceptance at over 29 million locations and 60 countries across the Mastercard network. This makes it a convenient travel money option.

It also gives you the ability to load and convert currencies 24/7 through an easy-to-use online portal. This allows you to manage your balance and lock in competitive exchange rates wherever you are in the world.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of the Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard®! Follow our application guide for a simple and quick way to apply and start enjoying the card’s features.

Learn how to get this credit card online

Cash Passport Mastercard®
You’ll have a convenient way to take money abroad. Source: Canva.

So let’s dive into the Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard® application. Firstly, go to Cash Passport’s website and locate the button “order now”, right in the middle of the page.

Click on that button. Then, the website will take you to the application form page. After that, select your title and enter your first and last name, as well as your email address.

Then, click on “get started” to go to the page where you will select the currencies you would like to load onto your card. On that page, select the currencies and specify the amount and click on “next”.

Now you must inform your date of birth, your mother’s maiden name and your phone number. You must also enter your home address.

After that, select how you would like to verify your identity (either Australian Airport or Australian Drivers License).

You must also inform whether you pay tax outside of Australia, as well as if you need an additional card.

After that, check the boxes at the bottom of the page and click on “next”. Then, enter 

After completing the initial page, a new page will appear for validating your identity. Provide all the necessary details on the web page and click on the button that says “verify these details.” 

Following that, you will be directed to the payment page where you will need to complete the transaction to activate your card. This marks the final stage of the process. 

Great! Your application for the Australia Post Travel Platinum Mastercard® is now complete.

What about another recommendation: Australia Post Travel Platinum Mastercard®

Not sure if you want to get this card? No worries! Check out another offer that might help you decide.

If you love to travel, take a good look at the Australia Post Travel Platinum Mastercard®! This card will make traveling much easier with a convenient way to take money around.

To learn everything about this card, read the full review on the following link!

Australia Post Travel Platinum Mastercard®

Australia Post Travel Platinum Mastercard® review

With the Australia Post Travel Platinum Mastercard® you can lock in exchange rates and save money when traveling around Australia!

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