Discover Student Loan review

It seems like Discover is an excellent provider of financial products and not only for credit cards and online accounts. They also have great private student loans. So if you're going to college, check this post to see what discover has to offer you.


Discover Student Loan: excellent offers for the best students in the US

Discover student loan
Learn everything about the Discover Student loan. Source: The Post New.

Paying for college is a big deal, and this review of the Discover Student Loan will give you another good option to consider. Get informed and make the best decision.

Discover student loan

How do you get a Discover Student Loan?

Getting a Discover Student loan is an excellent idea to fund your studies. Check this post to see hwo the application process works.

Nobody wants to spend their life paying for a bad loan. Some people get suffocated with debts and can’t properly start their careers because of it. Discover will help you avoid this bad situation by giving you the best rates. 

  • APR: 2.99% to 12,59% if you get variable rates; 5.49% to 13.99% for fixed rates. 
  • Loan Purpose: Student loan for undergraduate, graduate, MBA, Law, Residency, Health professions, etc. 
  • Loan Amount: You can borrow up to 100% of your certified college expenses
  • Credit Needed: Good/Excellent (with the possibility of placing a co-signer)
  • Terms: 15 to 20 years
  • Origination Fee: No origination fee
  • Late Fee: No late fees
  • Early Payoff Penalty: N/A 

Discover Student Loan: is it a good student loan?

You probably know Discover for its credit cards. They have some really good ones! But they also offer private student loans. So, if you’re thinking about graduating, you might want to take a look at how Discover student loans work by reading this review.

It’s always a smart move to apply first for a Federal Student Loan, as even private lenders will advise you. But if you still need some financial help, check Discover options.

They have loans for every student, it doesn’t matter if you are an undergraduate, graduate, MBA, or any other type of education. 

Discover Student Loan: should you get one?

girl with eyeglasses holding notebooks in front of purple wall
If you’re dreaming about college, check how Discover Student loans can help you. Source: Freepik.

Check the highlight of the pros and cons to see if this student loan is right for you. With so many options in the market, you have to see every side of it and not just the benefits.


  • Discover loans for students have absolutely no fees involved, not even origination or late payment fees.
  • If you enroll in autopay, you can get a 0,25% discount on your interest rate.
  • Discover will reward you for your good grades.
  • You can be considered for loan forbearance if you need some special consideration for your payments. 
  • Discover also offers refinancing loans for private and federal student loans.
  • Excellent customer service, as one of the best performing lenders in customers complaints statistics


  • Like most private lenders, you and your co-signer need a good or excellent credit score.
  • Discover has no option to pre-qualify, so you’ll have to pass the credit check to see if you’ll get approved or not.

What is the required credit score?

Even tho Discover does not disclaim its credit score requirements, approved applicants typically have a good or excellent score. You have the option of calling someone to be a co-signer.

Discover Student Loan application

If you think Discover fits your student loan needs, you can learn how to apply for it by reading the following content. We’ll tell you more about the eligibility requirements and the step-by-step to request your student loan and accomplish your goals.

Discover student loan

How to apply for Discover Student Loan?

Getting a Discover Student loan is an excellent idea to fund your studies. Check this post to see hwo the application process works.

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