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Read and find out how FHA Loans help you pay for your mortgage even if you have bad credit.

FHA Loans – Government-backed loans for people with bad credit who wish to finance a large purchase such as a first home.


FHA Loans are backed by the U.S. government and are perfect for individuals with poor credit, who have not had the time or the resources to save money for a down payment on their first home. You can get financing with as little as 3.5% down payment, and if you cannot pay for the loan, the U.S. government will step in and cover it for you so that the bank gets paid.

Check out some of the benefits of FHA Loans.

No private mortgage insurance
Easier borrowing requirements
No income limits

FHA Loans have lower credit score requirements than conventional loans. You can get a loan with a credit score as low as in the 500s. This does not mean you will get automatically approved. The lower the credit score, the higher the down payment you will have to provide. For example, most lenders with a credit score of 580 or above will be able to get a loan with a down payment of 3.5%. However, those with credit scores below 580 may have to provide a 10% down payment.

If FHA Loans sound like a fit to you, you should go ahead and check out our application guide. Click the link and we will show you how to do it.

FHA Loans

FHA Loans application process

In this FHA Loans application guide you will learn how to get this loan within just a few minutes. Check it out!

If you are looking for another loan for people with bad credit, you should check out ElectroFinance. 

With this company you can lease electronics with the ability to buy them later even if you have bad credit.

Sounds like a fit? Then click the link below and we will tell you all about it.

ElectroFinance Lease

How to apply for ElectroFinance Lease

In this ElectroFinance Lease application guide you will learn how to easily lease products using this platform.

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