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Ready to take your travel game to the next level? Discover the United Quest℠ Card, its numerous benefits and perks.

United Quest℠ Card: Earn Rewards, Get Travel Perks and a Generous Welcome Bonus.


The United Quest℠ Card is ideal for frequent travelers seeking premium rewards and benefits. Cardholders can earn 3X miles on travel, dining, and select streaming services, and receive perks like a Global Entry/TSA PreCheck credit, $125 annual United purchase credit. And with a welcome bonus of up to 60,000 miles, the United Quest℠ Card is a great choice for those looking to maximize their travel rewards.


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Are you looking for a card that rewards you, offers unique benefits and all the convenience of a traditional credit card? The United Quest℠ Card could be just what you need! See some of its benefits next!

Large welcome bonus
Free checked bags and priority boarding
High rewards on travel spending
Travel credits and statement credits

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The United Quest℠ Card is ideal for frequent travelers seeking premium rewards and benefits. If you travel often, especially with United Airlines, and are looking for a credit card that can help you earn rewards and save on travel expenses, the United Quest℠ Card may be a good fit for you.

The United Quest℠ Card requires applicants to have a credit score of between 690 and 850. This generally falls within the categories of Good to Excellent credit. Therefore, we strongly recommend you make sure you have the required creditworthiness so that you do not run the risk of getting rejected for this credit card.

If you’re considering applying for the United Quest℠ Card, you may be wondering if you can get a higher credit limit. The minimum starting credit limit for the United Quest℠ Card is $5,000. However, this is not a hard limit, and depending on your creditworthiness and income, you may be approved for a higher credit limit. It’s important to note that a higher credit limit does not mean you should spend more than you can afford to pay back. Keeping a low credit utilization rate is a key factor in maintaining good credit health. If you are interested in increasing your credit limit after being approved for the United Quest℠ Card, you can contact Chase customer service and request a credit limit increase.

The United Quest Card has an annual fee of $250, which may seem steep to some potential cardholders. However, it’s essential to note that the card offers several valuable perks that can easily add up to more than $250 in value for frequent travelers.

If you’re interested in the United Quest℠ Card, click the link below to access our application guide and apply in just minutes.

United Quest℠ Card

How to get you United Quest℠ Card

Start earning high rewards on travel spending with a little help from our United Quest℠ Card application guide.

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