100 Lenders review: 3 easy steps to get a loan!

With 100 Lenders you can apply for loans with multiple lenders through a single application form.


100 Lenders: Apply for multiple loans with a single online application form

100 lenders
100 Lenders will get you in touch with many qualified online lenders. Source: The Post New.

100 Lenders is not a lender. Rather, it is an online loan aggregator that allows borrowers to get offers from many lenders simultaneously. This 100 Lenders review will tell you how to get your loan in 3 steps.

  • APR: N/A
  • Loan Purpose: N/A
  • Loan Amount: $100 to $40,000
  • Credit Needed: N/A
  • Terms: N/A
  • Origination Fee: N/A
  • Late Fee: N/A
  • Early Payoff Penalty: N/A
100 lenders

How to apply for a loan at 100 Lenders website

Learn how the 100 Lenders application process works and get access to multiple lenders' offers with a single application form.

Save time and have lenders competing for your business. With this tool, you can find lenders willing to lend you anywhere from $100 to $40,000.

Take advantage of their wide network instead of applying to a single lender at a time.

How does 100 Lenders work?

100 Lenders is an online lenders alliance based in the U.S. It connects lenders and borrowers from all over the country, offering loans for different personal expenses.

From paying off credit cards to financing home repairs, this loan aggregator will find you loan amounts ranging from $100 up to $40,000.

Also, 100 Lenders makes it possible for borrowers to repay the loan in monthly or bi-monthly installments.

This platform can function as an alternative to expensive bank loans and even credit cards with high interest rates.

It includes an online request form that is easy to fill in and an automated repayment method.

You can get approved in less than 2 minutes after submitting your information. 100 Lenders passes the details of your request across its network of lenders.

The lenders then review your profile and request to make you an offer. With the offers at hand, you can compare and choose the one that suits you best.

Once you have signed the agreement you have received from a lender, you will have access to funding the next day.

Once you have decided to accept an offer, all the following steps will be handled by the lender. 100 Lenders does not decide about APR, fees, terms. 

Some factors that contribute to the lender’s decision are the state law, your credit history and employment status, as well as the loan amount.

In order to apply for loans through 100 Lenders you must be 18 years or older, be a U.S. citizen or resident with permanent status.

You must also have a minimum income of $1,000 a month, a phone number, an email address, and a checking or savings account.

100 Lenders: should you apply for it?

young woman holding money personal loan
You will find the best offer for you at 100 Lenders. Source: Freepik.

Now that you’ve read the review of the ins and outs of 100 Lenders, how about comparing the pros and cons?

Below we have compiled a list of the main ones for you to visualize them better.


  • Get multiple offers with one application
  • Qualify easily
  • Fast approval
  • Fast funding


  • Not available for active members of the military
  • Not available in some states
  • Not a direct lender

What is the required credit score?

100 Lenders is a loan aggregator. As such, it does not have credit requirements. Instead, it will find lenders who match your credit standing, whatever it is.

Learn how to apply for 100 Lenders

Like what you see? So take the next step and get your offers today! We have prepared a step-by-step guide for you to do just that.

Click the link below, and we will show you how to do it.

100 lenders

How to apply for a loan at 100 Lenders website

Learn how the 100 Lenders application process works and get access to multiple lenders' offers with a single application form.

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