How to get your African Bank Gold Credit Card: Low monthly fee and credit life protection

Read this African Bank Gold Credit Card application guide and learn how to get this card fast to start enjoying its benefts


With this card you have a number of lifestyle and travel benefits at a low monthly fee

African Bank Gold Credit Card
Learn how to apply for this credit card and enjoy its benefits. Source: The Post New.

If you like traveling and are looking for a credit card with travel benefits, you have come to the right place. Read this African Bank Gold Credit Card application guide and learn how to get it.


Credit Card

African Bank Gold Credit

travel perks low fee

Lifestyle and travel benefits for a low monthly account fee.

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The African Bank Gold Credit Card offers you a number of convenient lifestyle benefits, and the application process is fast and simple. Get yours today!

Learn how to get this credit card online

African Bank Gold Credit Card
You can apply in minutes: keep reading to learn how to do it! Source: Canva.

On African Bank’s website, locate the “credit cards” option at the top left corner of the page, right between “accounts” and “loans”. 

By clicking on “credit cards” you will see a dropdown menu where you must click on “Gold Credit Card”. This will take you to another page where you can read more details about the card.

When you are ready to continue with the application, click on “apply now”. Once you have done that you will arrive at a page where you must inform whether you are accessing a saved application, and enter the captcha code. 

After that, hit “continue”.

The website will now show you the requirements you must meet so that you have better chances of getting approved for this card. Read it carefully.

At the bottom of this page you will find a number of options which you must answer truthfully. After answering that, click on “continue”.

On the next page, fill out the online application form. The form will ask for personal information such as your name, address, and employment details. Make sure to double-check that all of the information you provide is accurate.

Also, make sure to read all the instructions carefully. There are many agreement terms throughout the process which are very important, and you must be in the know about them before submitting your application.

Submitting the application and activating the card

Submit the application form. After you have filled out the form and reviewed it for accuracy, you can submit your application. You should receive a response within a few days.

Wait for a decision on your application. ABSA will review your application and determine if you are approved for the African Bank Gold Credit Card. If you are approved, you will receive a letter or email with details on how to activate your card and set up your account.

Once you have received your card, activate the card and set up your account. Once you have received your card, you will need to activate it before you can use it. 

This can usually be done online or by calling the number provided in the activation instructions. You will also need to set up your account, which may involve creating a username and password or providing additional information.

What about another recommendation: Standard Bank Gold Credit Card

If you want to check out another gold credit card that offers excellent benefits, look at the Standard Bank Gold Credit Card.

The Bank of America® Travel Rewards for Students credit card offers many benefits for travelers, like travel insurance and discounts on Health Spa vouchers. 

Sounds interesting? Then click the link below and learn everything you need to know about the eligibility requirements and the application process.

Standard Bank Gold Credit Card

How to get your Standard Bank Gold Credit Card

In this Standard Bank Gold Credit Card application guide we are going to take you by the hand and show you how to get this card.

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