CrowdStreet Investing application: how does it work?

If you want to start investing in private real estate, CrowdStreet Investing can be the best option! Read our post to learn how to join!


by Aline Barbosa

06/02/2022 | Updated on 06/26/2022

Opening an account at CrowdStreet Investing.

CrowdStreet Investing review
Learn how to join CrowdStreet Investing! Source: The Post New.

Whether you are an experienced investor or not, you might want to start investing in private real estate to profit! Also, private real estate can be one of the best options to start diversifying your investment portfolio. For example, you can join the CrowdStreet Investing website to know all about how to invest and profit a lot from the private real estate market!




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You chance to build a diversified portfolio in real estate..

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A diversified portfolio can help you keep your funds and profit even more in the current market conditions. So, keep reading our post to know how to join CrowdStreet Investing!

Learn how to open account online

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See how to join CrowdStreet online. Source: Adobe Stock.

You can open your account with CrowdStreet Investing at any time online with your computer or a device with internet access. Also, you will need to create your account before you start investing and pick your minimum investment amount. Moreover, you can go to CrowdStreet’s official website and click on Create an Account. Then, you will need to provide the personal information required, such as your full name, and create a password.

After all of this, you can choose your investment account option to start investing and profiting. Also, you will be able to find the investment tips and financial documents to know which is the best investment you can make at the moment!

Learn how to join using the app

CrowdStreet’s customers still do not have access to a mobile app that would allow them to manage their investments, which is very disappointing. You also cannot submit your application via a mobile app. If you want to open your account online, you can only apply by following the instructions that are provided in the topic that is above.

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