Custom Choice Loan® application

See how to apply for a Custom Choice Loan®, which offers competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms for undergraduate and graduate students!


Custom Choice Loan®: A smarter way to pay for college!

Custom Choice Loan® review
Learn how to apply for this loan. Source: The Post New.

A Custom Choice Loan® can be a great choice for students looking for a private student loan. This loan has some great features that can help you manage your debt and afford your education. The Custom Choice Loan® application process is easy and you can pre-qualify in minutes.

With the Custom Choice Loan®, you can choose your own loan terms. That means you can pick the repayment plan that fits your needs, whether you prefer to make monthly payments or have a longer repayment period. Plus, you can get a lower interest rate if you set up automatic payments from your bank account.


Student Loan

Custom Choice Loan®

good rates flexibility

Student loan with flexible terms and competitive rates!

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So are you curious about the Custom Choice Loan® program and how it can help you finance your education? Then keep reading to learn more about the application process and how to make borrowing money easier and stress-free. 

Learn how to apply online

Custom Choice Loan® review
Learn how to apply online. Source: Adobe Stock.

The online Custom Choice Loan® application is easy and you can even check for pre-qualification without harming your credit score. To begin the process, you’ll need to provide the company with information regarding your social security number or, if you’re a foreign student, the documentation informing your current immigration status. 

You’ll also need to provide school information, how much you wish to borrow, proof of income, anticipated graduation date and monthly housing cost. If you wish to use a co-signer, they’ll need to inform their social security number, a government-issued ID and proof of income. 

You can apply online via Custom Choice’s official website and fill out the application. Once the loan is approved, you’ll need to accept their terms and virtually sign your contract. The company will contact your school with your loan information and send the funds directly to them.

Learn how to apply using the app

Unfortunately, the Custom Choice Loan® application process is not available through a mobile app because the institution doesn’t have one. However, you can apply online at their website and call customer service if you need any assistance. 

What about another recommendation: Rocket Loans

If what you’re looking for is a different kind of loan, we can help. With Rocket Loans, you can get up to $45,000 for many different purposes. The APR varies according to your creditworthiness and you can even get a discount for autopay.

Check the loan’s main features below and follow the recommended link if you’d like to apply for it. 

  • APR: Ranges from 6.72% to 29.99% with a discount for autopay.
  • Loan Purpose: Home improvement, auto repair, travel or vacation and debt consolidation. However, Rocket Loans does not pay creditors directly. 
  • Loan Amounts: $2,000 – $ 45,000.
  • Credit Needed: You’ll need a score of at least 580 to become eligible for a loan.
  • Terms: 36 or 60 months.
  • Origination Fee: Between 1% and 6%.
  • Late Fee: $15 for each payment cycle for late payments.
  • Early Payoff Penalty: There are no early penalty fees.
Rocket Loans review

How to apply for Rocket Loans?

Learn how to apply for Rocket Loans and get the funding you need to make your dreams come true!

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