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NedBank SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card application

Discover how to get the NedBank SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card with this easy-to-follow guide. Learn all about eligibility, benefits, and more!


NedBank SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card: Get the ultimate travel experience and unlock extraordinary benefits!

NedBank SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card
Learn how to apply for this card and enjoy travel benefits! Source: The Post New.

The NedBank SAA Voyager Gold Card is one of the most convenient and rewarding credit cards on the market. You can earn miles with every purchase you make and enjoy exclusive travel discounts. 


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NedBank SAA Voyager Gold

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This credit card comes with plenty of benefits to make traveling more enjoyable

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This card also offers a host of other benefits such as bonus miles when you make your first ticket purchase with it, and even travel insurance if you book your flights using the card.

By meeting the spending requirements, you can also get 15,000 bonus miles and one Continental or Global Companion airline ticket per calendar year. 

Nedbank lets you choose between Amex or Mastercard coverage and offers flexible repayment options.

You’ll also have access to a budget facility to split large purchases, and can request a credit limit change anytime.

Nedbank values your security, and offers online and mobile banking so you can customize your account at will.

To become eligible, you need to be over the age of majority and a South African resident with a valid ID. You also need to earn at least R6,600 per month.

The card’s annual service fee is R700,00, and there’s a monthly credit facility fee of R27,00. 

So if you’re ready to upgrade your travel experiences with the NedBank SAA Voyager Gold Card, keep reading and learn how you can easily apply for it!

Learn how to get your NedBank SAA Voyager Gold Card online

NedBank SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card
Get your laptop, and you’re ready to star the application. Source: Canva.

Applying for the NedBank SAA Voyager Gold Card is easy and you can do it online within a few minutes. First, visit Nedbank’s official website and locate the credit card in their “credit cards” tab.

Then, click on “apply online”. If you already bank with Nedbank, you can log in with your credentials.

If not, write down your SA ID number, your mobile number, and your email. You’ll soon get a verification code to start the process.

Enter the code in the required field and begin putting down your personal and financial information.

Make sure to review everything to make sure it’s correct and to check all necessary boxes. Before submitting it, take a few minutes to read their Terms & Agreement.

Finally, submit your application and wait for Nedbank’s feedback. If you got the card, the bank will contact you with further details such as your spending limit, interest rates, and more.

How to get this card using the app

You can also download Nedbank’s mobile app, create an account, and apply for the NedBank SAA Voyager Gold Card through it. The process is intuitive and very similar to the one described above.

Other ways you can apply for the card include visiting a physical branch with all the required documentation, or calling customer services at 0860 555 111.

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Want to learn more? Then follow the link below for a comprehensive review and details about the Standard Bank World Citizen Credit Card application process.

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