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Spark 1% Classic Card online application

Applying for the Capital One Spark 1% Classic Card is easy and could help you save on business expenses. Find out more about the process and what to expect here!


Spark 1% Classic Card: Save on business expenses and earn rewards!

Spark 1% Classic Credit Card
Your business expenses can turn into rewards with this credit card. Source: The Post New.

If you’re looking for a business credit card that offers great rewards with no frills, the Capital One Spark 1% Classic Card might be right up your alley. 


Credit Card

Spark 1% Classic Card

cash back no annual fee

Get 1% back on all purchases and business management tools

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With this card, you’ll earn an unlimited cash back on every purchase, access to exclusive benefits, and the ability to easily track business expenses. There’s no annual fee, so you can make the most of your rewards without worrying about extra costs.

The Capital One Spark 1% Classic Card is an excellent option for businesses looking to maximize their credit card rewards with no hidden fees. You only have to worry about its variable 29.74% APR if you don’t pay your balance in full. 

This is one of the very few rewards cards for businesses that accepts applicants with a fair score and limited credit history. It also allows them to increase their rating by reporting all account activities to the three main credit bureaus. 

You can choose your own due date and stay on top of your expenses with Transaction Details. Capital One offers top-notch security features and customer support so you know your finances will be safe with them.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, the Capital One Spark 1% Classic Card has the features and benefits you need to make the most of your business spending.

Keep reading the content below to learn how you can easily apply for it and start earning more on your business expenses today!

Learn how to get this credit card online

Spark 1% Classic Credit Card
You can apply online even with a fair credit score. Source: Canva.

Applying for the Capital One Spark 1% Classic Card is simple and it only takes ten minutes of your time to do so. First, gather all the necessary documentation – like legal names, addresses and SSNs of all business owners.

Then, make sure you have your legal business name, address and business tax ID number with you when you access Capital One’s official website. Select “credit cards” and then “business rewards” on the top menu. 

Scroll down until you locate the Spark 1% Classic and click on “card details”. Take a couple of minutes to browse the page and read their Rates & Fees Information. Once you’re ready click on “apply now”.

You’ll have to fill out an online application form detailing your personal and business information. Make sure to write them down correctly and check all necessary boxes. Read their account terms and click on “continue” to submit your application.

Capital One will review your request and respond with an offer detailing your credit card’s terms. If you agree to their offer, sign the contract and wait for your physical Capital One Spark 1% Classic Card to arrive at your address. 

How to get this card using the app

You can also download the Capital One mobile app and create your account from there. Then, complete the application process for the Capital One Spark 1% Classic Card as you would with the online alternative described on the topic above. 

What about another recommendation: Blue Business Cash™ Card

If you have a credit score ranging from good to excellent, you might also want to take a look at the Blue Business Cash™ Card from American Express.

With no annual fee, you can earn up to $500 in statement credit as a welcome bonus and enjoy a 0% promo offer.

The card also offers 2% back on eligible purchases and a series of interesting perks for your business. To learn more about what this card has in store, check out the link below. We’ll also show you how you can apply for it.

Blue Business® Plus card American Express®

How to get your Blue Business® Plus card

In this Blue Business® Plus card American Express® application guide you will learn how to get this card within just a few minutes.

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