Clear Money Loans review: get a loan easily

Read this Clear Money Loans review to find out how to get multiple loan offers through a single online application form.


Clear Money Loans: funds available within one business day

clear money loans
Learn how Clear Money Loans work. Source: The Post New.

In this Clear Money Loans review, you will see how this loan aggregator will help you get your loan fast. Get offers from multiple lenders with a single application form.

clear money loans

How to apply for Clear Money Loans

In this Clear Money Loans application guide you will learn how to easily and quickly get multiple loan offers filling up only one form.

As soon as you submit your application lenders will be competing for your business. This is a much more efficient way of shopping for loans, and you can borrow up to $35,000.

Payment terms range from 60 days to 180 months. Keep reading and reach your own verdict.

  • APR: 3.09% to 35.99%
  • Loan Purpose: Credit card consolidation, auto repair, debt consolidation, home improvement, emergency situation, medical expense, major purchase, moving and others.
  • Loan Amount: $100 to $35,000
  • Credit Needed: Fair
  • Terms: 60 days to 180 months
  • Origination Fee: Varies from lender to lender
  • Late Fee: Varies from lender to lender
  • Early Payoff Penalty: Varies from lender to lender

How does Clear Money Loans work?

In this Clear Money Loans review you will see that this loan aggregator makes things simple for borrowers. It bundles together offers that match your loan needs and credit profile.

With a simple application form the platform is able to match your information with many lenders.

This enables you to have lenders competing for your business while all you have to do is pick the best one. Lenders have their own methods for assessing your creditworthiness.

They may look into your credit report with the major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax), and even assess your credit status through alternative methods.

Regardless, credit checks are the responsibility of the lenders. Clear Money Loans does not run credit checks. Therefore, they are also not responsible for your approval or non-approval.

Once your chosen lender approves your loan request, you will review their terms and conditions.

If you agree with them, the money will be deposited into your checking account as soon as you have e-signed all the necessary paperwork.

As a general guideline, in order to get approved, you must have a checking account where you can receive direct deposits.

You must also have a regular income of at least $1,000 a month and have a fair credit score.

Also, you do not qualify if you are a regular or reserve member of the Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard (or a dependent thereof).

Clear Money Loans: should you apply for it?

loan money
You can get fast funding and long terms at Clar Money Loans. Source: Freepik.

Our Clear Money Loans review would not be complete without a comparison of this service’s benefits and disadvantages. Have a look at the list of pros and cons we have prepared below.


  • Apply with various lenders with a single application form
  • Get loans up to $35,000
  • Funds available within a business day
  • Loan terms as long as 180 months


  • Not available for military members and dependents
  • Not available in AK, NY, VT and WV
  • Requires your employer’s phone number

What is the required credit score?

Clear Money Loans is not a lender. Rather, it is a loan aggregator which bundles together offers based on the applicant’s information.

Since it does not come up with its own decisions, Clear Money Loans does not have credit score requirements.

However, the suggested credit score for applicants is a fair one. This increases the chances that you will get a decent number of offers and get approved quickly.

Learn how to apply for Clear Money Loans

Like what you see? Then click the link below, and we will show you how to get loan offers with Clear Money Loans.

clear money loans

How to apply for Clear Money Loans

In this Clear Money Loans application guide you will learn how to easily and quickly get multiple loan offers filling up only one form.

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