Crypto Millionaires: the top 8 richest people

Do you believe investing in the crypto market is a good idea? Well, these people did, and now they're millionaires. Keep reading to see how they got so rich.


The world’s crypto millionaires: their net worth is real, just like the crypto market.

crypto millionaires
Know the crypto millionaires. Source: Adobe Stock.

Do you know that there are crypto millionaires out there in the world? As some people don’t even believe that cryptocurrencies are worth something, others are making fortune and becoming very rich.

It was not common to see so many self-made millionaires in the past, but as investments become a more popular and diversified field, we start to see this new generation building wealth.

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Some of these crypto investors are not millionaires. They’re billionaires! Is not that they own billions in cryptocurrency, but they invested in the online brokers and trading platforms that operate with crypto. 

Other millionaires on this list become rich by buying and selling crypto at the right time. And this requires a lot of long-term vision and courage – what some would call craziness. But if becoming one of the crypto millionaires is crazy, send the following people on this article to the asylum. 

TOP 8 crypto millionaires: learn about the biggest owners of crypto in the world

crypto millionaires
These people made fortune with crypto coins. Source: Adobe Stock.

Let’s put something into perspective. The U.S. dollar was invented and established in 1792. So, this currency exists for 230 years now. When we talk about cryptocurrencies we are talking about a very recent time.

The first crypto, the Bitcoin, was developed in 2009. This means the oldest of the cryptocurrencies exists for only 13 years. 

But the cryptocurrency market is in full swing, especially after the pandemic period, where online transactions have become more popular.

In addition, people had a lot of time in their homes to study new topics. Investments in general, and especially in cryptocurrencies, gained a lot of strength in this period.

If people were skeptical about cryptocurrencies, that changed after some young investors made real fortunes in this market. It was then that many opened their eyes to this alternative market and began to invest more.

The following list will show the 8 richest people in this market by now. So, keep reading to know the 8 crypto millionaires.

One of the best known crypto millionaires: Changpeng Zhao

different metal coins of cryptocurrency
Being the owner of a crypto online broker is also a good investment. Source: Adobe Stock.

A good investor knows how to spot a good opportunity when he sees one. That’s what happened with Changpeng Zhao. He is 19th on the world’s richest list and owns 70% of Binance, which is the leading cryptocurrency exchange.

His net worth of $65 billion didn’t come entirely from cryptocurrencies, but he has become at least $2 billion richer thanks to Binance. Which makes him one of the world’s crypto millionaires.

Brian Armstrong

If you believe that people are going to start investing in lemonade, are you going to buy lemonade too or are you going to open a stand to sell lemonade?

Brian Armstrong is the founder of Coinbase, an online exchange based in San Francisco. More than one of the crypto millionaires, he is now a crypto billionaire, with a net worth of $6.6 billion.

Erik Finman

How would you feel if you become a millionaire at only 18 years old? That’s what happened to Erik Finmann, who now, at the age of 22 years old, has a net worth of $17 million.

It was at a protest in the year 2011 that he heard about this currency that would transform the business world. When his grandmother presented him with $1,000 and he bought Bitcoins. The rest is history.

Jeremy Gardner

This 25-year-old crypto millionaire is yet another lucky man to bet on the right coin at the right time. He made his fortune with Bitcoin. Today, he teaches others about the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain through his Blockchain Education Network foundation.

The Winklevoss twins

Some things that seem like bad luck turn out to be good things. That’s what happened to the twin brothers Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss who turned the $65 million they received in the deal with Marck Zuckerberg over the social network Facebook into an even more surprising amount.

Today, their net worth is valued at $4 billion, while Marck Zuckerberg’s is $2 billion. Its portfolio started with Bitcoins, but today it is diversified among several other cryptocurrencies, an online broker, and an NFT gallery.

Jered Kenna

dollar over gold bitcoin
Some used to believe that Bitcoin was disruptive. Source: Adobe Stock.

In the beginning, Bitcoin was a concept, an ideal. The idea was to revolutionize the financial system, horizontalize power, and democratize the economy. However, today Bitcoin is more of a way to make money, like any other asset.

Some more romantic and idealistic were disappointed with the direction that cryptocurrencies took. This is the case with Jared Kenna. Although he is still a millionaire, he says he has lost interest in the crypto market and believes that today things are very superficial.

Yifu Guo

Do you know that you have to mine Bitcoins? It is a little funny to imagine robots with pickaxes digging holes in the internetosphere and finding gold Bitcoin coins. But it’s not like that.

You mine them through codes that need to be solved. Yifu Guo started mining these Bitcoins when he was in college, and today he owns a company that supports miners. 

Max Keiser

Although he didn’t make his entire fortune from cryptocurrencies, he is a dedicated advocate for them. Born in New York and based in London for many years, he began his career as a radio host and talk show host, speaking about economics, investments, and financial management. He claims to despise fiat money and is considered a crypto millionaire with a net worth of $10 million.

Now that you know all about the crypto millionaires of the world, read on to learn all about the difference between security token and utility token.

difference security token and utility token

The difference between security and utility token

If you want to know the difference between a security token and utility token, keep reading our post to know all about it!

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