Read on and find out how Interactive Brokers offers some of the best research and tools for investors worldwide

Interactive Brokers – Wide range of investment choices and some of the best research and tools


Interactive Brokers is one of the most well known brokers on the market. Investors operating with Interactive Brokers have access to a wide variety of investment instruments, such as Stocks, options, ETFs, precious metals, forex, warrants, futures, and even crypto. Very few players in the market offer such a complete package.


You will remain in the same website

Have a look at some (but not all) of the benefits you get from opening an account with Interactive Brokers.

High quality research and tools
Wide range of investment instruments
Low margin rates and commission
Superior order execution

You will remain in the same website

Investors can use the Client Portal to access account metrics, place and track orders, and much more. The client portal is perfect for less active traders who need to view real-time information, with access to basic analytics, watchlists and options chains. The portal is made to facilitate access to the PortfolioAnalyst tool as well as other web-based tools. It also makes it possible to make quick trades while maintaining access to all the analytical tools. You can access Interactive Brokers’ Client Portal from the login button on their main site.

The IBKR Mobile app provides a complete view of market data, watchlists, specialized tools, orders and your portfolio. On the home page you have access to a consolidated view of positions, your key account as well as market updates. To receive free delayed market data you must subscribe to market data in the Client Portal. With the watchlists you can track different investment instruments. The watchlists also make it possible for you to create orders directly from the list.

You can make deposits to your Interactive Brokers account through any of the following methods: Wire transfers, Request for Payment (RFP), ACH transfers, Checks of all kinds, Online Bill payment, BPAY, Canadian Bill Payment, Canadian Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Roth IRA Conversion, Recharacterization, Employee/Employer SEP Contribution, Direct Rollover, Late Rollover or Trustee-to-Trustee. However, each method has its own specifications as to timing and amounts. For more information on that visit Interactive Brokers’ FAQs.

Interactive Brokers does not charge opening or account maintenance fees. Custodian, trading platform and monthly fees are only charged from ISA accounts. Be advised, however, that specific products and events may incur fees. These fees are available to everyone in the “Other Fees” section of the IBKR website.

interactive brokers

How to join Interactive Brokers?

Open an account with Interactive Brokers today and get access to a large selection of securities and low per-share pricing.

You can easily join Interactive Brokers through their website. But if you’re interested specifically in crypto trading, you can also look at 3Commas Crypto Trading Platform on the following.

3commas crypto auto trading platform

How to join 3Commas trading platform?

Start an account with the 3Commas Crypto Trading Platform and manage multiple portfolios from one single platform.

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