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Are you short on cash but need to do some shopping? Mr Price Money is the perfect solution!

Mr Price Money, Your Ticket to Stress-Free Shopping and Financial Well-being


We can’t always wait until payday to buy the things we need. In this case, Mr Price Money helps you with their revolving line of credit. You can shop at 6 different stores and pay in flexible installments. And in addition to increasing your purchasing power, you’ll also have access to exclusive benefits for Mr Price Money members. Don’t let a lack of credit stop you from getting the upgrades you need!


You will remain in the same website

Shopping has just become better! Check the benefits of applying for the Mr Price Money account:

Discounts and exclusive benefits for members;
Extra features to keep you and your family protected;
Change your wardrobe or your home furniture with the same card;
Plan your budget with monthly installments and enjoy paying your purchases later.

You will remain in the same website

With your Mr Price Money card you can buy with special conditions in 6 different stores in South Africa. Although it is not possible to use your card in stores other than those selected, you will have access to a huge range of options. Buy clothes, cell phones, and even furniture and appliances for your home. All this with Mr Price Money’s revolving line of credit.

Yes, to open a Mr Price Money account, you will need to undergo a credit analysis. The credit analysis made in the Mr Price Money application helps determine your eligibility for a Mr Price Money account and assesses your creditworthiness. The analysis helps ensure responsible lending practices and helps tailor credit limits and terms that align with your financial situation.

Yes, you have the option to close your Mr Price Money account at any time. If you decide to close your account, it is recommended to contact Mr Price Money’s customer support or visit their website to follow the designated process for account closure. It’s important to review any outstanding balances or obligations on your account before closing it to ensure a smooth closure process.

Yes, Mr Price Money can be considered as a lender. It acts by providing credit to eligible individuals through their accounts. They offer a revolving line of credit that allows customers to make purchases and pay for them later in flexible installments. As a lender, Mr Price Money assesses the creditworthiness of applicants and sets credit limits based on factors such as income, credit history, and financial stability.

Don’t waste time-saving money to buy the item of your dreams. Apply for a Mr. Price Money account and enjoy special payment conditions!

Our full review has all the information you need. Check out the entire content at the link below.

Mr Price Money Account card

Mr Price Money: discover its benefits

Get the best deals and the best payment conditions with Mr Price Money! Learn how to open your account and enjoy it!

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