JP Morgan Self Directed or Robinhood: which is better?

Choosing your trading platform is crucial when you start investing. If you've come across these two platforms and can't decide which one is the best, this post will help you with this decision.


Invest with JP Morgan or Robinhood: find the better one among the best.

JP morgan self directed or robinhood
See how to pick the best investing platform for your finances. Source: Adobe Stock.

If you’re looking for a good investment platform, you can decide between JP Morgan self-directed or Robinhood. But which one should you choose to have the best outcome? 

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Both investment platforms are excellent and figure among the best ones in every rank. But there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to investing, and you have to find what is best specifically for you.

Reading this post might give you the hints you need to pick one. So keep reading to see which platform is best: JP Morgan self directed or Robinhood.

JP Morgan self-directed Investing: how does it work?

JP morgan self directed or robinhood
How does JP Morgan self-directed Investing work? Source: Adobe Stock.

For beginners in the investments world, this platform is a great choice. The intuitive platform is easy to use and you’ll learn everything about buying and selling investments to improve your portfolio.

On the JP Morgan platform, you can buy a variety of stocks, ETFs, and other types of investments.

Keep everything under control in the palm of your hands with the mobile app that is complete for self-directed investors.

With no minimum account, no fees, and $0 commissions, it turns into the perfect solution for new investor who doesn’t want to make a huge investment in this area yet.

And if you’re already a Chase customer, it gets even easier.


  • You can trade by yourself with this intuitive platform.
  • The robo-advisor will help you make the best decisions with automated investing.
  • Many different account types for you to choose from.
  • No minimum investing for the self-directed version, or $500 account minimum for the automated investing version. 
  • On JP Morgan’s website, you will find educational content from specialists to teach you everything you need to know to be successful in your investing career. 


This bank-provided investment platform is excellent for beginners. Usually, a new investor still can’t handle too much information and details about trading.

The JP Morgan platform is simple and has just enough information so you can understand what’s going on. With excellent support, you’ll have every help you need to make your investments with confidence. 

With the JP Morgan self-directed investing account you have no account minimum and no fees, and can make decisions on your own, after making your own research and studies with the educational content. 

It has no trading fees and charges $0 commissions, which also makes it a good option if your portfolio is still a little more humble and you don’t have a lot of money to put into your investment platform 


But on the other side of the coin, if you’re an experienced investor you may lack some features on this investing platform.

It will not give you every information you need if you’re a fast trader or a thorough investor who makes very precise moves. 

And if you’d like to use the Portfolio Builder tool, you’ll have to disburse at least $2,500 to put into your account.

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Robinhood Investing: how does it work?

JP morgan self directed or robinhood
How does Robinhood Investing work? Source: Adobe Stock.

Robinhood Investing has developed a strong brand in the investment business. It was one of the first online-brokers investment platforms to charge no fees and no commissions.

The user experience is highly considered by its developers, which makes this platform super friendly and easy to use. Beginners in the investment field will probably enjoy their features and usability.

Even though you can use it on your browser, the focus is on the mobile app, where you’ll have the best experience trading with this platform. 


  • Simple and intuitive platform, that focuses on the user’s experience and usability.
  • You can start with just $1 to invest in your portfolio.
  • You can invest in the crypto market too if you want to.
  • Option to get a debit card to spend your money and earn rewards. 


Robinhood has caught the attention of younger investors with its modern platform, an excellent mobile app that is easy to use, and friendly vocabulary.

With the $0 fees, it is also a good choice for the ones who still don’t have a lot of money to invest and need to optimize their money. 

The promotion will give you 1 free stock when you open your account. It is also an investing platform for the ones who’d like to join the crypto market


Robinhood Investing has had some problems in the past with customer support and they also faced some legal consequences and were charged for their misconduct.

They already paid what they needed to, and are working to improve their services, but their reliability has been damaged. 

Curiously, some experts have accused Robinhood investing platform of being so easy to use that novice investor started dealing with investments that they were not ready to.

Also, if you want to open a retirement account or invest in bonds and mutual funds, Robinhood Investing is not your choice, because they don’t have any of these. 

Which one should you choose for your investments?

Now that you know more about both platforms is time for you to choose between JP morgan self directed or Robinhood Investing.

Both platforms have similar features, and are recommended for beginners, and not for experienced investors.

While Robinhood Investing had some reliability problems in the past, JP Morgan Chase has an excellent reputation with wealth management and financial products. 

JP Morgan also has more options when it comes to investment types. And if you choose the automated investing account the robo-advisor will help you make the best choices for your portfolio. 

But if you’re still not sure about these platforms, we have one more option for you. TD Direct Investing is an online broker with a great investing platform for you.

Read the review we’ve made about it by clicking on the following content.

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