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Discover rewards you for everyday spending of the mission-driven Susan G. Komen® Customized Cash Rewards credit card.

Susan G. Komen® Customized Cash Rewards credit card: Earn rewards and support breast cancer research with every purchase.


The Susan G. Komen® Customized Cash Rewards credit card is ideal for those who want to support breast cancer research while earning cashback rewards. With this card, you can earn 3% cashback in a category of your choice, 2% at grocery stores and wholesale clubs, and 1% on all other purchases. Plus, Bank of America donates to Susan G. Komen® on your behalf.

Are you looking for a way to combine supporting a good cause and banking benefits? You're in luck! Susan G. Komen's® Customized Cash Rewards credit card offers benefits that go beyond just the traditional rewards points structure. See them below!

Long intro APR period.
Global acceptance.
High cashback rewards.
No annual fees.

You can redeem your cashback rewards for a statement credit, deposit them into your Bank of America savings or checking account, or use them to purchase a gift card or check.

Want to support breast cancer research and earn cashback? Learn how to apply for the Susan G. Komen® Customized Cash Rewards credit card in minutes. Click on the link below now!

Susan G. Komen® Customized Cash Rewards credit card

How to apply for a Susan G. Komen® credit card?

Learn how to get this card in just a few minutes with our Susan G. Komen® Customized Cash Rewards credit card application.

If you are interested in exploring another cash back card before making a decision, consider looking at the Capital One Walmart Rewards® credit card. 

This card enables you to earn 5% cash back on purchases at Walmart.com and 2% cash back on all other purchases.

In addition to that, you also get other benefits such as price protection. This gives you the right to get reimbursed for the price difference of eligible items.

If you like what you’ve seen, you should see the rest of it! Click the link below to obtain all the information you need about the card.

Capital One Walmart Rewards®

How to get your Capital One Walmart Rewards®?

The Capital One Walmart Rewards® credit card gives you up to 5% cash back on Walmart purchases and more. This post will tell you how to apply for it!

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