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Earn Smart Shopper points on every purchase, and 4x more in Pick n Pay!

TymeBank Credit Card – Build and establish a strong credit record with the right credit building tools!


Are you looking for a new way to manage your finances? Introducing the TymeBank Credit Card – an innovative piece of financial technology that offers flexibility and convenience in managing your resources. You’ll have access to exciting rewards and important security features to keep you at peace. If you need a little help boosting your score, the TymeBank Card is here for you as well! See our full review to learn more!


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Have you ever considered switching to a credit card that offers rewards and extra value when you make purchases? Well, if so, then the TymeBank Credit Card might be right up your alley! Check some of its incredible perks below.

Earn Smart Shopper points on every purchase you make. Earn 4x in Pick n Pay.
Easy qualification process and low income requirements – build a solid score with this card!
Flexible payment options and a budget facility to split large purchases over R200 into monthly installments.
Have access to top notch security features and an intuitive mobile app to manage your account.

You will remain in the same website

Your initial spending limit varies according to your annual income and overall creditworthiness. You’ll be able to check the amount available to you in your card’s pre-agreement contract and on your card statements when you access your account online or using TymeBank’s mobile app.

The TymeBank Credit Card is best for individuals who are looking for a credit card that offers low fees and flexible repayment options. It is particularly useful for those who are looking to manage their finances more effectively and avoid high interest charges. The TymeBank Credit Card is also a good option for individuals who are looking for a simple credit card with no complicated rewards programs and low monthly fees.

Smart Shopper is Pick n Pay’s loyalty program that rewards customers for shopping at Pick n Pay stores, as well as other partner stores such as BP petrol stations, Boxer Superstores, and Freshstop. Customers can earn Smart Shopper points by swiping their TymeBank Credit Card at the checkout when making a purchase. The number of points earned is based on the total amount spent on qualifying purchases, and the points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

If you’d like to know how you can apply for a TymeBank Credit Card, check the following link. We’ll show you how the application process works and what you can expect from it.

TymeBank Credit card

How to apply for TymeBank Credit Card?

Learn the ins and outs of the TymeBank Credit Card application process in our simple step-by-step guide and unlock your financial freedom!

But if you’d like to look at another option before making your decision, we recommend the Absa Gold Credit Card. See the following link to learn what this card has to offer and how you can apply online for it!

ABSA Gold Credit Card

How to get your ABSA Gold Credit Card

In this ABSA Gold Credit Card application guide we are going to show you how to get this card with 57 days interest-free.

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