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Savor Rewards or SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit

Are you not sure which card between the Savor Rewards and the SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit from Capital One is the best fit for your wallet? In this comparison, we’ll break down their features and benefits to help you choose.


Savor Rewards vs. SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit: Which Capital One card is better?

They look the same, but they are not! Read this comparison and choose the best one. Source: The Post New.

If you’re looking for a rewards credit card and have good/excellent credit, you may be wondering whether to choose the Savor Rewards or the SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit from Capital One.

Both cards offer great benefits, so committing to one of them might be a tough decision.

Both options offer a similar rewards rate and have Capital One exclusive perks and international Mastercard coverage with no annual fee.

However, there are some key differences between them that you should know before signing up. 

In this article, we’ll give you all the details about the Savor Rewards and the SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit. That way you’ll know what to expect before applying.

So keep reading the content below to learn more and choose the card that fits your lifestyle better. 

Savor Rewards from Capital One: features, pros, and cons

capital one savor rewards credit card
Savor Rewards does not have this name for no reason: it has a solid rewards rate. Source: The Post New.

The Savor Rewards Card from Capital One is a solid credit card and absolutely worth applying for if you have an excellent score.

Especially if you spend big money on dining and entertainment. The card has international Mastercard coverage and is a great travel companion because it’s free of foreign transaction charges.

While most cards from the same segment charge hefty annual fees, the Savor Rewards charges a reasonable $95. The rewards – unlimited and that don’t expire – make that fee worth it as well. 

For starters, the card offers one of the most generous welcome bonuses currently amongst credit cards.

New cardholders get a $300 cash bonus by meeting the spending requirements ($3,000) within the first three months of membership. Then, there are the cash-back rewards.

With the Savor Rewards card, you’ll earn 4% back on dining, entertainment purchases (like festival tickets), and selected streaming services (like Netflix and Disney+).

Then, there’s a 3% return on U.S. grocery stores (excluding superstores like Walmart). Finally, a 1% return on everything else you purchase daily.

Not enough? You can also get 5% back by booking your travels through Capital One Travel. Plus, an impressive 8% back at Vivid Seats and Capital One Entertainment.

You can then redeem that cash back for statement credit or a check anytime you want.

The one downside to the Savor Rewards? There’s no introductory APR offer. You’ll get an annual percentage rate between 18.99% – 26.99%, according to your creditworthiness. 

Check below to get a better understanding of this card’s pros and cons. That way, you can decide whether the Savor Rewards or the SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit is best for your needs.


  • Elite ongoing rewards rates that don’t expire and are easily redeemable;
  • Modest annual fee of $95, which is much cheaper than other cards from the same category;
  • Great initial bonus that is 10% of the spending requirements to obtain it;
  • Perfect for international travel or international purchases because there are no foreign transaction fees.


  • There’s no introductory APR period, which is not uncommon, but would work as an extra incentive for new cardholders;
  • You need an excellent score (above 750) to have better approval odds. 
capital one savor rewards credit card

How to apply for Capital One Savor Rewards

Apply for the Capital One Savor Rewards credit card today and earn cash back at a 4% rate in convenient bonus categories.

SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit from Capital One: features pros and cons

SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit Credit Card
If you’re looking for a credit card with no annual fee and rewards, this is the one. Source: The Post New.

Who said the best rewards are reserved for people with excellent credit scores?

With the SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit card, you’ll have access to premium rewards and won’t have to worry about fees eating away at your earnings due to its $0 annual fee. 

As with all Capital One Cards, the SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees either.

It has international Mastercard coverage, and you can use it to purchase items online and in-store at millions of establishments around the globe.

However, the card has a 28.49% variable annual percentage rate, so it’s best to avoid carrying a balance.

The SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit has an interesting welcome offer. While you won’t be eligible for the SavorOne cash bonus or intro APR period, you’ll get the same cash-back bonuses.

That is 3% on groceries, dining, entertainment, and popular streaming services. Plus, a standard flat 1% rate on everything else.

You’ll also get a high rewards rating for booking your trips with Capital One Travel and purchasing tickets through Vivid Seats. 

Redeeming all earned rewards is simple, because they don’t expire, and you can get them at any time for a statement credit.

You can also use your rewards to purchase items at Amazon or redeem them with PayPal. 

See below to learn more about the highlights and lowlights of the SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit and make a well-informed decision between the Savor Rewards and the SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit from Capital One.


  • Excellent rewards rates are available with just a good credit score requirement;
  • Frequent international traveler? Enjoy 5% back on bookings made through Capital One Travel and a card free of foreign transaction fees;
  • An elite card with no annual fee? Yes, the SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit doesn’t charge you monthly or maintenance fees;


  • The biggest drawback to this card is its very high APR, at a variable of 28.49%. Though you don’t have to worry about it if you pay your balance in full each month, it might cause a pretty dent in your wallet in case you don’t. 
SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit Credit Card

SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit application

The SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit Card application process is completely online and you can do it from your home in just a few minutes. Read on to learn how!

Savor Rewards or SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit: which Capital One card should you choose?

When it comes to choosing a rewards credit card, you might feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

On the one hand, there’s the Savor Rewards card from Capital One, which offers generous rewards on dining and entertainment purchases. But requires an excellent credit score.

On the other hand, there are the SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit card, which has no annual fee and offers slightly lower reward rates. But only requires a good credit score to apply. So, which one should you choose?

The answer, as with most things in life, depends on your circumstances. If you’re a frequent diner or moviegoer and you don’t mind paying an annual fee, the Savor Rewards card is probably the better choice.

However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option or you don’t spend enough to justify the annual fee, the SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit card could be a better fit.

Ultimately, the best way to decide is to choose the one that offers the most value for your individual spending habits.

And if you need a third option before you sign-up for a new credit card, check the link below and meet the Capital One Venture Rewards credit card. For frequent jet setters, the rewards provided by this card are as good as it gets!

capital one venture rewards

Capital One Venture Rewards credit card review

With the Capital One Venture Rewards credit card you will earn 2 milles per dollar spent on purchases, plus an amazing welcome bonus.

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