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Application for the Mogo card: how does it work?

This post will show you how you can apply for a Mogo debit card and change the way you deal with money. Earn rewards and save the planet. We'll show you how.


by Aline Barbosa

06/01/2022 | Updated on 06/26/2022

Mogo debit card: the best card is the one that gives you rewards.

Mogo debit card
Learn how to apply for a Mogo card. Source: The Post New.

The world is changing in a lot of ways, and the Mogo card is changing the way Canadians spend money. We need checking accounts to receive our paychecks, make transfers, deposits, etc. But most debit cards do not offer benefits.

Mogo is a different debit card. You can transfer how much you’d like to spend, and use your Mogo debit card to earn rewards every time you use it. But not the typical cash back or points. you’ll receive a tree. This will offset your carbon footprint, and help the environment.


Debit Card


no annual fee crypto rewards

No annual fee and sustainable rewards on this Mogo debit card.

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But you also get rewards with monetary value. Earn 50 Green Satoshis per purchase. It is a good way to enter the crypto market without taking money out of your pocket to buy them. 

To get even better, Mogo has a mobile card with excellent features to help you save money. So, it is a better way to spend and save money. Keep control of your finances by just checking your cell phone.

To learn how to open your account, keep reading and we’ll tell you how to do it. 

Learn how to apply online

First thing to get your Mogo card is to open your account. Access the Mogo website just to create your login with an e-mail and a password. Once you verify your e-mail and got your account, you can download the app to conclude the application process. 

Learn how to apply using the app

Mogo debit card
Apply through your Mogo mobile app in just a couple of minutes. Source: Adobe Stock.

Now that you already have your login, download the app to finish the application.

The mobile app has an excellent design, and you will flow through the questions. It is pretty basic, and all you have to inform is your full name, address, date of birth, if you pay rent or mortgage, your employment, and verify your identity with a picture holding your ID.

Once your account got approved (which will happen soon) you can transfer money to it and start using your virtual card until you receive your physical card.

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