The Infinite Machine: The story of Ethereum and its creator

Movie-making is entering a new stage, with productions exploring the world of blockchain and receiving crypto-funding in the process. See more details about the new Ethereum-themed movie below, and how The Infinite Machine might revolutionize an entire industry.


The project is the first NFT-funded movie ever

The Infinite Machine
The Infinite Machine will tell the story of Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum. Source: Adobe Stock.

There’s news in the crypto world, but not the kind you’d expect. A new full-feature movie project called The Infinite Machine is in the works.

The drama is about the story behind the world’s second-largest crypto, Ethereum, and its creator, Vitalik Buterin.

This is the first movie ever with financing by NFT funding. Versus Entertainment, one of the producing companies behind the project, announced a recent partnership with Lumiere and Decentraland.

Both companies will work together to host the movie in the metaverse. 

Last April, the creative team behind “The Infinite Machine” announced that Scott Free Productions would be in charge of producing the movie.

The company belongs to Ridley Scott, a world-renowned Hollywood director behind all-time classics such as “Gladiator” and “Blade Runner”. 

The movie is an adaptation from the book by the same name. The person behind it is the crypto expert and financial journalist Camilla Russo.

In the book version, Russo details the unhinged and often unfortunate adventures of a team of tech anarchists. They are reluctantly led by a wavering genius to create a new global network. 

The Infinite Machine

The adaptation will walk the viewers through the life story of Vitalik Buterink, the polemic co-founder of Ethereum.

The Infinite Machine will explore details of how Vitalik, an incredibly gifted 19 year old, managed to convince a group of coders to join him in creating the blockchain.

The platform was first conceptualized by Buterin back in 2013. However, it only went live in 2015. At the time, it had eight co-founders.

Two of them, Charles Hoskinson and Gavin Wood later went on to create Cardano and Polkadot, respectively. 

Furthermore, the movie plot explores the uncanny innovation and careless greed unleashed by the platform.

It’ll also show the many consequences surrounding the hysteria as it expanded.

Namely the incipient Wall Street interest, the regulatory scrutiny and the team’s effort to allow Ethereum to become accessible to the general public. 

The Infinite Machine is written and directed by Shyam Madiraju, along with Tom Moran, Vera Meyer and Ridley Scott.

Scott Free is the producing company behind it, along with Versus Entertainment. According to the movie’s roadmap, a final script for the movie should be done by the third quarter of 2022. 

The first ever movie funded by NFT collections

The Infinite Machine
The Infinite Machine is the first movie with NFT funding. Source: Adobe Stock.

The Infinite Machine is the first movie fully-financed by an NFT collection. The producers are financing most of the process by selling special edition NFTs that explore colorful variations of Ethereum logos.

The initiative is a collaboration between the company and 36 emerging artists from 14 different countries. Each artist created a unique piece representing how they view Ethereum.

Each view on the Ethereum logo was divided into four quadrants and then programmatically combined. The result was the creation of 10,499 exclusive ETH logo mosaics, reflecting the joint vision of all artists involved.  

The Infinite Machine collection of NFTs’ financial goal is not only to finance the movie, but also use ETH’s technology to promote artists in emerging countries.

Whoever holds the NFTs will have a chance to access exclusive movie-related benefits linked directly to their NFTs. As production gets underway, they’ll also receive airdrops. 

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