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X1 Card application: learn how to get this credit card!

Don't miss out on the power of managing your finances with an X1 card. Get up to speed on the application process and find out what documents you'll need in this comprehensive guide.


X1 Card: Get a credit limit that matches your present – and what’s to come!

X1 credit card
The X! card application is simple. Source: The Post New.

If you’re looking for an inventive way to increase your purchasing power, the X1 Card application process can provide you with all the financial freedom that you need.


Credit Card

X1 Credit Card

no annual fee rewards

With the X1 Card, you can have the best of both worlds – great savings and rewards.

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With no annual, late or foreign transaction fees, this card offers a cheap way to earn great rewards.

The X1 Card comes in 17g of Stainless Steel and offers an unrivaled experience to its cardholders. To begin with, you can qualify if you have a weak score but a solid monthly income.

X1, the fintech behind the card, looks beyond your current rating for approval. Because of that, you can get a credit limit up to 5x higher than a traditional credit card.

As for rewards, you’ll earn 2x on all eligible purchases, which can increase to 3x points on the net $6,500 every time you spend $1,000 or more in a calendar month. 

Whenever you invite a friend and they get approved, you can earn up to 10x points for the next 30 days. And redeeming those points is easy! You can get cash back, or choose over 40 popular brands to redeem from. 

You think that’s all? The X1 Card also offers Visa Signature perks, cell phone protection, zero liability protection, return protection, and much more.

Travel anywhere with added peace of mind and travel interruption reimbursement and concierge services.

The best part is that the X1 Card application is completely online! You can also pre-qualify with a soft inquiry and no impact to your credit score.

So if you’d like to learn how you can request yours, keep reading the content below!

Learn how to get this credit card online

X1 credit card
Apply online for the X1 card. Source: Canva.

The X1 Card online application is very simple and quick. Access X1’s official website and right on the home page you’ll be able to see the “apply now” button.

Click on it, write down your first and last name, and your date of birth. Then, click on “continue”.

Next, write down your phone number and email. Then, click on “continue” again. X1 will send a verification code to your number, which you’ll have to enter in the required field to begin the actual application process.

The next step is pretty standard in all credit card online applications. You’ll need to provide extra details about yourself, your finances, employment, and more.

Make sure to read all Important Disclosures, Terms & Conditions, and review your info before submitting.

When you’re done writing down all the required information, formally submit your application and wait for a response.

If you get the card, you’ll receive an offer with your initial spending limit, APR, and other important details.

How to get this card using the app

You can also complete the X1 Card application process using their mobile app. Download it for free at your preferred online store and create an account.

From there, the process is very similar to the one described on the topic above.

What about another recommendation: Quicksilver Rewards Credit Card

If you’d like to compare cards before making a final decision, we recommend you check out the Quicksilver Rewards Credit Card.

While the qualification process is different (the Quicksilver requires a good or better score for approval), the perks are worth it.

Check the following link to learn all about the Quicksilver Rewards Credit Card’s features, pros and cons. We’ll also take a closer look at the application process if you decide to go for this alternative instead.

Quicksilver Rewards card

How to get your Quicksilver Rewards Card

Getting the Quicksilver Rewards Card from Capital One is simple and easy. Learn how to apply today and get started on earning rewards!

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