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Best cards for students: it’s better than you imagine!

Don't settle for a bad credit card. You can get one of the best credit cards for students.


College will get easier with a good card to give you financial support.

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Pick one of the best credit cards for students. Source: Freepik.

Did you know that you can get one of the best credit cards for students even if you’re still building your credit score?

After all, you’re at the beginning of your adult life, and you’ll have plenty of time to write your credit history. So let one of these cards help you on this journey.

As a college student, you’ll have a lot of expenses with housing, food, books, and transportation.

Wouldn’t it be great to earn some rewards on your purchases? A credit card with cash back rewards will help you save some money and optimize your income.

You’ll certainly find the best student credit card for you on this list. Keep reading to learn everything about this card category. 

If you are in college, check the cards we selected for you!

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Discover It Student Cash Back

Credit ScoreFair/Good
Annual Fee$0
Regular APRThe APR ranges from 13.74% up to 22.74%, variable.

Discover It Student Cash Back Highlights

  • Outstanding welcome bonus. You’ll get double cash back in the first year. No limits, you’ll get one dollar for one dollar.
  • To get this card you won’t be required a good score. This can be your first contact with credit.
  • The rewards program has excellent rates and makes it one of the best credit cards for students. You’ll get at least 1% cash back on every purchase, and 5% cash back on select purchases that fit the bonus categories. Places like restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, and online purchases at and PayPal. 
  • To help you save money for college, Discover will not charge you any annual fee.
  • No fee if you use your card outside the U.S., so you can take your credit card abroad on your exchange or vacation trips.
  • Enjoy 0% Intro APR. You’ll have 6 months of this benefit.  

Capital One SavorOne Student Cash Rewards

Credit ScoreFair/Good/No credit score
Annual Fee$0
Regular APR15.24% to 25.24% variable

Capital One SavorOne Student Cash Rewards Highlights

  • Earning the $100 welcome bonus is easy. All you have to do is spend $100 in 90 days.
  • The rewards rates are the highest among student credit cards. 
  • Places to earn 3% cash back: restaurants, grocery stores, selected streaming services, and entertainment events. But if you make a purchase that doesn’t fit in this category, Capital One still gives you 1% cash back.
  • Buy your tickets through Capital One Entertainment to earn up to 8% cash back. 
  • Absolutely no fees to use this card. 

Chase Freedom Student credit card

Credit ScoreNo credit score requirement.
Annual Fee$0
Regular APRvariable 15.74%

Chase Freedom Student card Highlights

  • No annual fee to use one of the best credit cards for students. However, it charges a foreign transaction fee, so it is not the best option if you’ll study abroad.
  • The welcome bonus consists of a $50 cash bonus just for making any purchase as soon as you get your card.
  • Pay your bill on time every month to get a credit limit increase and a $20 cash bonus every year for five years. 
  • Chase will verify your student enrollment and if you’re younger than 21 years old you’ll have to prove that you’re financially independent. 

Deserve EDU Mastercard for Students

Credit ScoreAverage/Good/No credit score required
Annual Fee$0
Regular APR19.49%

Deserve Edu Highlights

  • Some international students can’t qualify for credit cards because they lack a Social Security Number or credit history. Don’t worry about this when you apply for this card, as this is not an eligibility requirement. 
  • No annual fee.
  • Every purchase will give you 1% of the value back to your account as a reward.
  • Your cell phone is safe with the $600 insurance coverage against theft or damage.
  • Spend $500 total in your first three months to earn the amazon Prime Student subscription for free for one whole year. 

Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards for Students

Credit ScoreFair/Good
Annual Fee$0
Regular APR14.74% – 24.74% variable

Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards Highlights

  • You’ll have 3 months to spend $1,000 to earn the $200 bonus.
  • Choose one bonus category to earn 3% cash back and customize your rewards program. In the grocery stores and wholesale club, you’ll get 2% cash back. On everything else, 1% cash back. 
  • Manage your card statement, purchases, and payments and track your credit score through the mobile app. You can also change your bonus category when you wish. 
  • You’ll have access to the ShopSafe service, which protects your credit card number while you shop online.
  • Bank Of America charges a 3% fee on your foreign transactions, but you’ll pay $0 for the annual fee.

Bank of America Travel Rewards for Students

Credit ScoreGood/Excellent
Annual Fee$0
Regular APR14.74% to 24.74%

Bank of America Travel Rewards Highlights

  • If you’re studying abroad or enrolled in some exchange program, this card will be handy and help you travel with benefits with the best travel card for students.
  • No annual fee and no foreign transaction fee.
  • For every $1 spent with this card, you’ll earn 1.5 points. Collect reward points to redeem for travel benefits. 
  • The welcome bonus is pretty generous and super advantageous. If you spend $1,000 on the first 3 months (which means something around $350 per month)  you’ll earn 25,000 points. Redeem these points for a $250 statement credit.
  • 0% Intro APR for 15 months. It’s a long time to pay no interest.

Why not learn some low-risk investments to start with too?

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Learn about investments. Source: Freepik.

Now that you already know how to get one of the best credit cards student, it’s time to learn how to invest the money you’re saving. The sooner you start learning about investments, the better.

Save more and earn interest on your savings with some of the best low-risk investments. Check the following content to keep learning about finances and gain control over your future. 

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Safe investments with the best low-risk options.

You don't need to take high risks to start investing, Pick one of these low-risk investments and you'll keep your money safe.

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