7 best student loans in 2022: find the best to help you graduate

Don't settle for a bad student loan. It is important to find the best possible option for you. This post will show you some of the best student loans available, and you'll certainly find one that fits you.


Find great options for student loans: you’ll achieve all of your career goals

best Student loans 2022
What is the best student loan to get in 2022? Source: Freepik.

If you already signed for a Federal loan but still need more money to cover your costs, take a look at the best student loans you can get in 2022.

It will be worth it! Just pay attention to pick the best for you and have the discipline to pay it back.

Rocket Loans review

Rocket Loans application

Find out how to get started on your loan application from Rocket Loans. You can apply online in just a few minutes and receive same-day funding.

Learn more about the 7 best loans a student can get in 2022

Finding the best student loan can be a little overwhelming. But this list will help you go straight to the best ones. Your quest will get easier.

After all, going to college and having a ton of new things to study is all you have to focus on right now. Your student loan should help you, and not give you more problems to think about.

Get in touch with at least three of the eight lenders on this list to make a comparison by yourself. Many factors will impact your offer and the conditions you’ll get on your student loan.

There is no one size fits all, so read the list all the way to find the best student loan for you in 2022.

Rhode Island Student Loan Authority

best Student loans 2022
Apply for the best student loans. Source: Freepik.
Loan Amounts$1,500 – $45,000
FeesNo up-front fees of any kind
APRvaries according to repayment conditions and terms, from 4.99% to 6.74%

Rhode Island Student Loan Authority Highlights

  • RISLA’s website is excellent. Very intuitive, and every piece of relevant information is accessible, including pros and cons for every type of loan
  • You can apply with a co-signer and it can be released if you make your payments on time every month for two years
  • Terms from 10 to 15 years
  • College planning to help you achieve your career without compromising your finances for too long.

College Ave

Loan Amounts$1,000 up to the total amount to cover your cost of attendance.
Fees$0 application fee, $0 origination fee.
APRRange from 0.94% to 14.20%, depending on your creditworthiness and type of payment.

College Ave Highlights

  • With College Ave you can borrow the total amount you need to attend college.
  • Has one of the best interest rates among lenders.
  • If you choose to enroll in autopay you get a 0,25% discount on your interest rate
  • You can also choose between fixed-rate and variable-rate.
  • Applying is easy and fast and will take you only a few minutes to apply and to get an answer.
  • Loan terms vary from 5 to 15 years.
  • Available prequalification
College Ave Student Loans review

How to apply for the College Ave Student Loans?

Check how to apply for the College Ave Student Loans and learn how this loan can help you pay for college with flexible terms.


Loan Amounts$2,001 up to $200,000 max per year.
FeesNo up-front fees, but charges a late fee if you don’t pay on time.
APR0,98% to 13,61%

Ascent Highlights

  • The current promotion gives you the chance to win a $1,000 scholarship giveback. Terms apply.
  • Ascent provides you with many useful tools and benefits, like life insurance, apps to manage your mental health, educational content, and more.
  • Co-signer can be released after just 12 months of responsible repayment.
  • If you face financial hardship, you can ask for one up to three months of forbearance, with no more than 12 months in a roll or 24 months total during your loan term.
  • Ascent has been awarded as one of the best places to work, and you know that happy staff makes a better job and satisfied customers. 

SoFi Student Loans

Loan Amounts$5,000 to the full cost of attendance
FeesNo loan fees
APR1.89% – 13.30%

SoFi Highlights

  • If you or a co-signer already uses any other SoFi financial product, you’ll have access to the same benefits.
  • Special program to help you if you get unemployed. SoFi will not only suspend your loan installments for three up to twelve months but will also give you professional counseling and advice to improve your resume. You’ll certainly get a new job and won’t fall into a snowball of debt.
  • Make your payments always on time for 24 months and your co-signer will be released. 
  • SoFi offers many types of student loans, but they’re specialized in loans for graduate, law, and business students.
SoFi Private Student Loans review

How to get the SoFi Private Student Loans?

Learn how to apply for the SoFi Private Student Loans and get the funding you need for your education without worrying about fees!

Funding U

Loan AmountsMaximum $20,00 per year, starting at $3,000
FeesNo fees, neither origination, application, or pre-payment fees.
APR6.99% to 12.99%

Funding U Highlights

  • If you’re a good student, this is your moment to shine. Funding U does not require a good credit score or a co-signer. It will analyze your grades, according to your year in college.
  • Currently not available in all US States.
  • When you apply for a Funding U loan, you’ll get an offer with no credit check, and you’ll get a professional assisting you to find the best loan option.

Discover Student Loans

best Student loans 2022
You’ll achieve your dream career with the help of a student loan. Source: Freepik.
Loan AmountsGet as much as you need up to your full cost of attendance. 
FeesZero fees
APR2.99% up to 13.99%

Discover Highlights

  • Your good grades will get rewarded with a cash bonus.
  • Discover has been awarded as one of the best private loans for undergraduate students.
  • You can choose a fixed-rate or variable rate, with a discount for autopay enrollment.
  • You can apply in just a few minutes, and Discover will also help you find scholarships if you wish. 

Sallie Mae

Loan AmountsMinimum $1,000
FeesNo origination fees, and no up-front fees.
APR2% – 13.72% APR, depending if it’s fixed or variable.

Sallie Mae Highlights

  • Sallie Mae will give you full assistance to make it possible for you to attend college. They’ll encourage you to apply for a federal loan, search for scholarships and save money to repay your loans as quickly as possible. All of this will help you save money.
  • You get a discount on your interest rate for autopay.
  • Many options for every student.
  • Educational content and support to help you successfully pay off your loans
Sallie Mae Student Loan review

How to get the Sallie Mae Student Loan?

Learn how to apply for a Sallie Mae Student Loan and get the funding you need for your education at your own terms!

Build your credit while you’re in college: the 5 best starter credit cards

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Getting a credit card with no credit history is possible, and we’ll show you some of the best. With one of these cards in hand, you will build an excellent credit score. Once you graduate, you’ll get better loan offers to start your own business.

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