Best travel cards 2022: your 101 guide!

These credit cards will help you save money on your trips, and earn benefits to travel in style. Keep reading to know the best travel credit cards.


Find the best travel cards of 2022: earn benefits to travel with style.

best travel cards 2022
Find the best travel cards of 2022. Source: Adobe Stock.

Travelling is so much fun and gets even better with one of these best travel cards 2022. After all, isn’t it great that your travel can turn into more travel?

Some people like to travel for vacations, know other cultures and just walk around. Other people travel for work and are constantly sleeping in one place and waking up in another. And even if it feels good to come back home, it is also good to know that your credit card is helping you to travel again soon. 

But not every travel credit card is worth it. And we know that for a credit card to be really beneficial to you it has to fit your lifestyle, your purchasing power, and have an efficient rewards program. 

So, we selected some of the best travel cards to use in 2022. If you are really a travel enthusiast you probably have one of these already. Let’s see if you know any of these cards, and which one you’d like to pick and add to your wallet.

Is it worth getting a travel card?

travel card
Is it worth getting a travel card? Source: Adobe Stock.

Travel credit cards are one of the most traditional types of rewards cards. In the old days, credit cards were more used by businessmen, and they were constantly traveling around, both for business and for vacation.

So we have a lot of miles programs available in many airlines and hotels. The more you use your card, the more miles or pints you’ll earn. But will you take advantage of it?

Some people just don’t travel around too much. So the miles go to waste. There is even a kind of parallel market where people sell and buy miles to get air tickets at a better price. Even if you can make some money with them, there are better rewards programs with cash back or points that will make things easier. 

However, if you do travel frequently, picking one of the best travel cards in 2022 will give you valuable benefits.

Which is the best travel cards of 2022: we give you 8 options

travel card
Learn the best travel cards. Source: Adobe Stock.

These credit cards are the best for travel enthusiasts. You can pick the one that you like the most. Let’s see which one you prefer.

Best travel cards 2022: Capital One Venture Rewards

Capital One has a great solution for you if you’re looking for a simple yet efficient best travel cards in 2022. The annual fee is $95 and it comes with a good welcome bonus of 75,000 miles. The rewards rates are also very competitive, with 2x miles in every purchase and 5x miles for travel-related purchases.

You can take a look at the Capital One Venture X too, but that X will multiply the annual fee to $395. 

American Express Platinum

This card is the silver gem among credit cards. Desired by the most demanding customers all over the world, it is famous for a reason. If you’re willing to pay the $695 annual fee, you will travel like a movie star.

Wait for your flights at the best airport lounges, and get upgrades both on your flight and your hotel. And the welcome bonus of 100,000 can be worth up to $2,000 on travel. 

Delta Skymiles Reserve American Express

Some people have an airline from the hearth and are frequent travelers of it. If yours is Delta, it will be clever to have their travel credit card.

You’ll earn miles in every purchase, and even a companion certificate every year to bring your best friend on your favorite trip. It also gives you many other travel perks, like preferential boarding and access to airport lounges.

The $550 annual fee might seem a little salty, but the travel perks will be worth it if you travel Delta at least once time a year.

Chase Sapphire Preferred 

Chase is one of the biggest banks in the U.S. and offers excellent credit cards. The travel rewards program is super versatile, and you can redeem your points in many ways. But the most valuable way to redeem your points is through Chase Ultimate Rewards. 

The Chase Sapphire Preferred has a $95 annual fee – lower than its sibling, the Sapphire Reserve. The welcome bonus of 80,000 can be worth up to $1,000 when you redeem them for travel-related purchases through the Chase Ultimate Rewards. 

U.S. Bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite 

If you are a U.S Bank customer, you can apply for the Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite and enjoy its travel benefits. The Visa brand will grant that your card gets accepted almost everywhere in the world, and the travel credits are worth the annual fee.

The welcome bonus of 50,000 points can turn into $750 for travel expenses. Collect miles every time you use your card, from 1x up to 5x miles. Definitely one of the best travel cards in 2022.

American Express Gold

This card is perfect for the ones with a good taste in food. You can turn your dinner into travel benefits with the rewards program. The annual fee is $250, and you get 60,000 points for the welcome bonus. Also, you’ll earn credits to use at Uber Cash and dining. 

Citi Premier 

Citi premier is a good card for everyday use and one of the best travel cards in 2022. The rewards program has some interesting categories to get extra points, like restaurants, supermarkets, and gas stations.

The $95 annual fee is pretty accessible for a travel card, and the ThankYou points are flexible to redeem. You can transfer it to other Citi users, and redeem it for travel, gift cards, or shopping online. 

Best travel cards 2022: Marriot Bonvoir Boundless

If you like traveling with style, you will love the Marriot Bonvoir hotels. Located in many countries worldwide, you can find the best accommodations for you and your family. With the Marriot Bonvoir Boundless, you’ll enjoy an insane rewards rate to earn points and redeem them for your bookings.

Also, you’ll get free nights and Silver elite status. This card is valuable only for those who like to stay at Marriot Bonvoir hotels at least once a year or more.

If you’re a Mastercard enthusiast and wants to know which of their cards are the best, we can help. Follow the link below to learn the best Mastercard credit cards.

Best Mastercard Credit Cards

Best Mastercard Credit Cards

Read our Mastercard credit card reviews and learn which of them could be your next credit card!

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