Exchange Bank Unsecured Personal Loan application

If you’re looking for an unsecured personal loan, the Exchange Bank of California has you covered. You can apply online and borrow up to $100,000. Read on to learn more about the process.


Exchange Bank Unsecured Personal Loan: Get the funds you need with an easy and online application!

Exchange Bank Unsecured Personal Loan review
This post will tell you how to apply for a personal loan with Exchange Bank. Source: The Post New.

The Exchange Bank Unsecured Personal Loan application process is simple and straightforward.

EB offers personal loans to qualified applicants who may use the loan for almost any purpose, like making large purchases or consolidating debt.


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Get an unsecured personal loan with a simple application process

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Exchange Bank offers an unsecured personal loan, which does not require collateral, such as a car or home, to secure it.

You can borrow any amount between $1,500 and $100,000 with fixed rates and monthly payments.

To qualify for an Exchange Bank personal loan, you must have at least a fair credit score and meet the bank’s income requirements. Exchange Bank personal loans are a great way to get the funds you need. 

You can follow through with the Exchange Bank Unsecured Personal Loan application process in a number of ways. However, they provide the convenience of an online application as well. 

To learn more details on how to apply, keep reading the content below. 

Learn how to apply online

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The Exchange Bank Unsecured Personal Loan online application process is quite simple. First, you need to access the site, locate the unsecured option and click on “apply here”.

There are five stages until funding, and the first one is to get your consent to check your credit score and credit history. 

Then, you’ll need to provide some basic information about yourself and your finances, including your Social Security number, annual income, and estimated credit score.

Exchange Bank will then use this information to determine your loan eligibility and terms.

If you’re approved for a loan, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of repayment options and terms, all of which will be clearly explained to you before you make your final decision.

Once you sign-up for the deal, you should receive the funds in your checking account within a couple of days. 

Learn how to apply using the app

Unfortunately, you can’t follow through with the Exchange Bank Unsecured Personal Loan application via mobile app.

However, other than the online application, you can apply via phone by calling 800.995.4066. 

You can also apply for an Exchange Bank Unsecured Personal Loan at a physical branch.

Just make sure to call ahead and inquire about the documentation you’ll need to take with you. 

What about another recommendation: Upstart Personal Loans

If you are unsure about applying for an EB Unsecured Personal Loan, there are plenty of other options available.

One of those options is the Upstart Personal Loans. With Upstart, you can borrow up to $50,000 with flexible terms and very competitive rates.

Upstart also allows all new applicants to check for pre-qualification before applying, which very few lenders do.

If you want to learn more about the loan, follow the link below for our comprehensive review.

upstart personal loan

Upstart Personal Loans review: get a loan easily

Apply for Upstart Personal Loans , get approved extremely fast, and access to funding in one business day.

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