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Read on and find out how 100 Lenders make it possible for you to get offers from multiple lenders by filling in a single online form.

100 Lenders – Have several lenders compete for your business and pick the one that best suits your needs.


100 Lenders is a loan aggregator that offers you the chance to easily get offers from several different lenders by filling in a single online application. It connects you to not one, but multiple lenders in a matter of less than two minutes. Get approved for loans ranging from $100 to $40,000 to use for a variety of purposes, literally with the click of a button.


You will remain in the same website

Check out some of the benefits of using 100 Lenders to get loan offers.

Fast approval
Fast funding
Get multiple offers with one application
Qualify easily

You will remain in the same website

You can use your funds for almost any personal expense you see fit. From financing home repairs, to paying off credit cards or even paying for a vacation trip. Loans are generally paid over an extended period of time, and you can make payments monthly or bi-monthly depending on your loan agreement. Personal loans are typically much more convenient than bank loans. They are also an alternative to credit cards that charge high interest rates, and offer online request forms as well as automated repayment.

When you apply for a loan, the company you applied with typically must perform credit checks before handing you the money. National databases such as Teletrack, DP Bureau and DataX provide personal loan companies with your credit information. The lender may also check your credit with the major credit reporting bureaus. However, there is not one period of time we can specify, for the procedures vary from company to company, and therefore so does the waiting period.

100 Lenders has its office location at 6709 W. 199th Street #338, Overland Park, Kansas 66209. It has served over 741,000 consumers in most all U.S. states except New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, and Washington. The platform is active and helpful, and consumer reviews show that they are mostly satisfied with the service, although you will find both disgruntled and fake reviews which aim to destroy the company’s reputation.

The state law, your credit and employment history, along with other factors, greatly influence the cost of the loan and its Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Other factors that have an influence over the APR are the amount you have requested and the term. When you submit your loan request, you will be redirected to the lending partner’s website, where you will learn about the loan terms.

If you’re interested in 100 Lenders service, read the following content about the application process. You can get access to many lenders with just one application. This will optimize your loan search, and you’ll certainly find the best offer for you.

100 lenders

How to apply for a loan at 100 Lenders website

Learn how the 100 Lenders application process works and get access to multiple lenders' offers with a single application form.

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