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Want to experience the perks of having a credit card, but got a limited or poor credit history?

Boost Platinum Credit Card, Its unique accessibility features and the absence of a required credit score can make it the perfect option for you!


Say farewell to the ordinary credit card standards and welcome the Boost Platinum Card! This card is your ideal companion, whether you’re navigating a slightly bumpy credit history or just embarking on the journey to establish one. You’ll be entitled to a range of exclusive benefits, including discounts, legal assistance and more!


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No matter if your credit journey has had its bumps or you're embarking on a brand-new one, the Boost Platinum Card has been meticulously crafted with your needs in focus. Explore the exciting benefits that await when you submit your application!

Gain immediate access to a generous $750 merchandise credit line upon activation
This card breaks free from the need for a fixed credit score
Experience the ease of a simplified application process
Exclusive perks, ranging from credit monitoring to prescription discounts

You will remain in the same website

If you’re on a mission to rebuild your credit, secure a line of credit, and unlock a treasure trove of exclusive benefits, the Boost Platinum Card could be your trusted partner. Check out some pros and cons below!

Upsides and benefits of the Boost Platinum Card

  • Effortless Application Process and Dedicated Customer Support: The Boost Platinum Credit Card offers a streamlined application process, ensuring accessibility and user-friendliness. Moreover, a dedicated ‘Customer Advocacy’ department is at your service five days a week, ensuring your concerns are addressed with prompt attention.
  • Accessible Credit, No Strings Attached: The Boost Platinum Credit Card typically doesn’t tether your approval to a specific credit score, making it a welcoming sanctuary for individuals on a journey to improve their credit profile or establish their credit history.
  • Exclusive Member Privileges: Cardholders unlock a spectrum of exclusive benefits, including credit monitoring, prescription discounts, legal assistance, and roadside protection. These perks enrich financial well-being and provide peace of mind across various facets of life.
  • Credit Line Empowerment: Upon activation, cardholders are granted immediate access to a $750 merchandise credit line, thoughtfully crafted for purchases exclusively through the Horizon Outlet Website. This empowers users to meet their financial needs and take strides towards credit-building.

Drawbacks of the Boost Platinum Card

  • Annual Membership Fee: One aspect to consider is the card’s annual membership fee of $177.24, which amounts to approximately $14.77 per month. In comparison to some other credit cards, this fee may appear relatively high.
  • Exclusive Usage Limitation: The Boost Platinum Credit Card is tailored for purchases solely on the Horizon Outlet Website, which may limit its versatility compared to more conventional credit cards usable at a wide range of merchants and locations.

The Boost Platinum Credit Card is exclusively designed for making purchases available through the Horizon Outlet Website. It is tailored to operate solely on the Horizon Outlet Website and isn’t intended for use at other online retailers or physical merchants. This means that, while it extends a credit line, its transaction utility is confined to the specified website, offering an exclusive shopping experience.

The Boost Platinum Credit Card is meticulously crafted for individuals who possess limited or less-than-ideal credit histories. Its appeal extends to a wide spectrum of potential cardholders, including those who may have previously faced credit rejections and individuals who are newcomers to the credit realm. What sets this card apart is its unique feature: it typically doesn’t require a specific credit score for approval. This quality makes it an inclusive and inviting option for those striving to rebuild their credit or initiate their credit journey.

For support related to the Boost Platinum Credit Card, you can easily contact the ‘Customer Advocacy’ department by dialing the phone number 1-800-837-4997. The ‘Customer Advocacy’ team is dedicated to assisting cardholders with their inquiries, concerns, and any card-related issues. They are at your service five days a week, with their operating hours typically spanning from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM.

Discover a credit card experience unlike any other. Free from strict credit score prerequisites, it’s a welcoming choice for individuals from various financial backgrounds.

Curious to learn more about this remarkable credit card? Then, delve into a Boost Platinum Card review below to explore its full range of features and set out on your path to financial empowerment!

Boost Platinum

Boost Platinum Card review

Navigate the financial landscape with an exclusive Boost Platinum Credit Card review. Explore its features and make informed choices.

While Boost Platinum is designed for those with varying credit histories, Kohl’s Card provides exclusive perks tailored for savvy shoppers. With Kohl’s Card, you’ll enjoy special discounts, extra savings, and more!

Curious to explore the full spectrum of benefits that Kohl’s Card has to offer? Discover how this store credit card can enhance your shopping experience and help you maximize your savings!

Kohl’s Card

How to get your Kohl’s Card?

Check out this Kohl’s Card application guide to learn how to get this card fast and start getting monthly discount offers.

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