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Revvi Card review – Get approved in seconds!

The Revvi Card is a solid unsecured credit card for people with bad credit who want to earn cash back rewards. Find out more about the card's features and how it can help you rebuild your credit score in this review.


by Aline Barbosa

07/04/2022 | Updated on 01/05/2023

Revvi Card: Earn cash back with Revvi Card!

Revvi Card
Check out our Revvi Card review. Source: The Post New.

When you have bad credit, it can be difficult to find a way to improve your score. But there are options available, and one of them is the Revvi Card. In this Revvi Card review, we’ll discuss everything this product has to offer to make your life a little bit easier.

So read on and learn how you can take the first step towards financial independence and a better purchasing power with the help of this credit card.

After reviewing all of its features, pros and cons, you’ll be able to understand if the Revvi Card is the best fit for your financial needs. 

Revvi Card

How to get the Revvi Card?

Learn the application process for the Revvi Card and start earning rewards while improving your credit score!

  • Sign-up bonus: There are no sign-up bonuses.
  • Annual fee: $75 during the first year and $48 every year after.
  • Rewards: 1% cash back on Revvi card payments.
  • Other perks: Reports account history to credit bureaus.
  • APR: 34.99%.

Revvi Card: is it a good card?

Revvi Card review
Should you apply for this card? Source: Adobe Stock.

Issued by MRV Banks, the Revvi Card has Visa coverage and nationwide acceptance. Clients get a 1% cash back reward after paying the account bill and can redeem all earned points as statement credits so long as the account is in good standing.

The card works very well as a credit builder because it reports all payments to the three main credit bureaus in the country. 

However, if you want to get this card, you’ll have to pay quite a few fees. First there’s a $89 program fee required to open your account.

Then, there’s an annual fee of $75 which is automatically deducted from your $300 initial spending limit. After the first year of card membership, the annual fee is reduced to $48, but joined by a monthly fee of $6.25.

The bank requires all new applicants to have a checking account, and all credit levels are welcome to apply.

Revvi is an unsecured card, which means there’s no security deposit requirements. This card has a fixed APR of 34.99% which is very high even for subprime unsecured product.

Therefore, try your best not to carry a balance from month to month or not only you’ll hurt your score further, you’ll pay a very high interest charge.

Now keep reading our Revvi Card review to learn more details about this card’s pros and cons. 

Revvi Card: should you get one?

If you’re looking to boost your credit score, the Revvi Card could be a great option. But is it right for you? Next in our Revvi Card review, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of using this product to improve your credit score. We’ll also help you decide if this card is a good fit for your needs. So read on to learn more!



  • Reports account payments to credit bureaus;
  • Offers 1% cash back on upon account payment;
  • Easy and fast application process;
  • User-friendly mobile services;
  • Nationwide acceptance;


  • Charges a high program fee to open the account;
  • Charges annual and monthly fees;
  • Very high APR;
  • Doesn’t have welcome bonuses;
  • Rewards are not that good.

What is the required credit score?

The Revvi Card is a credit builder product, which means you can qualify for it even with a bad credit history. Not only that, but by applying online you can verify if the card is available to you almost instantly. So if you’re trying to build or rebuild your credit score, Revvi might be perfect for you.

Revvi Card application

Now that you’ve read our Revvi Card review, it’s time to learn how to apply for this card. The process is simple and super quick. To learn more details on how to get your card, follow the link below. 

Revvi Card

How to get the Revvi Card?

Learn the application process for the Revvi Card and start earning rewards while improving your credit score!

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