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VentureOne Rewards Credit Card review

Looking for a rewards credit card that offers flexibility and no annual fee? Check out our full VentureOne Rewards Credit Card from Capital One review to see if it has what you need.


by Aline Barbosa

Published on 12/25/2022

VentureOne Rewards Credit Card: Make the most of your travels with this card!

Read this Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card review to learn about it. Source: The Post New.

The Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card is a great card for travelers who are looking to maximize their points and rewards from their spending.

VentureOne Rewards Credit Card

VentureOne Rewards Card application

Get a travel credit card that really works in your favor by applying to the VentureOne Rewards Card from Capital One. Read on to learn how!

With no annual fee and access to Capital One’s world-class travel rewards program, you can earn 1.25 miles for every dollar spent on all purchases.

Those miles are easily redeemable for statement credit you can use towards your travel expenses. 

  • Credit Score: A satisfactory score above 700 is recommended.
  • APR: Low promotional 0% APR for 15 months on balance transfers and new purchases. After that period, a variable 17.99% – 27.99% applies.
  • Annual Fee: The VentureOne Card has a $0 annual fee.
  • Fees: 3% balance transfer fee for the duration of the promotional intro period. 3% fee for cash advances.  Up to $40 in max late fees.
  • Welcome bonus: New VentureOne members can earn 20,000 miles after spending just $500 within the first 3 months.
  • Rewards: Unlimited 1.25 miles per dollar spent on purchases. 

New cardholders can take advantage of a sign-up bonus of 20,000 miles when they spend $500 within the first three months.

Plus, a lengthy 0% APR period to make big purchases or transfer credit card debt to this card. 

With all these great features, it’s easy to see why Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card is an excellent choice for credit card users looking to get the most out of their rewards.

To learn more details about what it has to offer, keep reading our full review below!

VentureOne Rewards Credit Card: how does it work?

Issued by Capital One, the VentureOne Rewards Credit Card is a great credit card option for savvy spenders.

Not only does it have a low introductory APR, but it gives cardholders one of the most generous and flexible rewards programs available on the market today.

Cardholders can earn 1.25 miles per dollar spent on all purchases with this card.

There is no limit to the amount of miles you can earn, and your miles never expire, so they can be used for future purchases whenever you want.

The fact that this card has no annual or foreign transaction fees makes it a truly invaluable companion for international travels. 

In addition to earning generous rewards, card members can also enjoy a variety of benefits.

These include $0 Fraud Liability, travel accident insurance, purchase protection, extended warranty coverage, and more.

Significant benefits and disadvantages you may find

The miles you’ll get in every purchase will take you on many trips! Source: The Post New.

There are very few lowlights when it comes to the VentureOne Rewards Credit Card, but they do exist. To make sure you’re making the right decision, check the pros and cons of this card below.



  • A bountiful welcome bonus to get you started with the right foot;
  • An incredible average of miles rewards per dollar on purchases;
  • The lack of common fees like annual and foreign transaction charges;
  • Easily redeemable miles for travel-related purchases;
  • A long low APR period to help you pay down debt or purchase expensive items;
  • Access to Capital One’s exclusive programs for travel and entertainment.


  • Depending on your creditworthiness, you can end up with a high APR;
  • There is a balance transfer fee per transaction even during the promo period;
  • You need at least a 700+ credit score to qualify for VentureOne.

Is a good credit score required for applicants?

Capital One reviews your credit history when you apply for the card. Therefore, having a good-to-excellent score can help increase your approval odds. 

A good or excellent credit rating reflects positively on your creditworthiness.

And Capital One may be more likely to approve you for the VentureOne Rewards Credit Card if your credit score is in good shape.

Learn how to apply and get a VentureOne Rewards Credit Card

So, if you are a frequent traveler who would like to earn more value for your money, the VentureOne Rewards Credit Card could be a great addition to your finances.

Check the following link to learn how you can apply for it and open the door to great rewards!

VentureOne Rewards Credit Card

VentureOne Rewards Card application

Get a travel credit card that really works in your favor by applying to the VentureOne Rewards Card from Capital One. Read on to learn how!

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