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Fortiva® Card application

Learn how to apply for the Fortiva® Card and get access to instant approval, no credit score required, and no security deposit needed. Read on to see more!


Fortiva® Card: Pre-qualify without hurting your credit score!

Fortiva® Credit Card
See how you can apply for this credit card. Source: The Post New.

The Fortiva® Card is an unsecured credit card for people with bad or no credit history who need help improving their financial health. The card’s covered by Mastercard and has nationwide acceptance. Cardholders have to pay an initial annual fee ranging from $29 to $175 during the first year of membership and $0 – $49 after that.

During the second year, there’s also a maintenance fee between $5 and $12.50 based on creditworthiness. The card’s APR ranges from 22.74% to 36% so it’s best to avoid carrying a balance. 

In exchange for the fees, cardholders get monthly payment reports to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Not only that, but the Fortiva® Card also provides 3% cash back on eligible gas, grocery and utility purchases and 1% on everything else. Clients can also count on $0 Fraud Liability and free access to their credit score.


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Reports monthly payments to all three major credit bureaus.

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All credit levels are welcome to apply for this card and the pre-qualification process won’t hurt your credit score. You can even get an initial $1,000 limit based on creditworthiness. If you’d like to apply for a Fortiva® Card, keep reading and we’ll tell you how you can do it. 

Learn how to apply online

Fortiva® Credit Card
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Before you apply for this card, you must visit its official website and see if you pre-qualify for it. This part of the process is completely secured, and you will have to provide the company with personal information as well as contact, residence and employment details. 

Then you’ll need to read and accept their Terms & Conditions in order to continue to the next step. After that, you’ll need to recap the credit terms and submit your confirmation. Fortiva should review all the information you provided and then send you a mail offer that best suits your needs.

You will need that mail offer in order to properly apply for the card at Fortiva’s website. 

Learn how to apply using the app

You can use the mobile app to manage your Fortiva® Card account and track your expenses. However, the application process is not available on it. To get the card, you’ll need to follow the steps described on the topic above.

What about another recommendation: Total Visa® Credit Card

If you want to check other unsecured card options before applying for a Fortiva® Card, meet the Total Visa® Credit Card. This is a card that’s also available to all credit levels and can help you improve your credit rating with responsible use. See its main features below and follow the link underneath them if you wish to learn more about its application process. 

  • Sign-up bonus: There is no sign-up bonus.
  • Annual fee: $75 during the first year and $48 after that.
  • Rewards: There are no rewards with this card.
  • Other perks: Monthly payment reports to credit bureaus.
  • APR: 34.99%.
Total Visa® Credit Card

How to get the Total Visa® Card?

Learn how to apply for a Total Visa® Card and get the purchasing power of a Visa card while you improve your credit score!

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