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Petal 1 credit card application

Having a credit card can help you in many ways. Petal is willing to approve you with any credit score. Give it a try by following the steps in this post.


by Julia Bermudez

Published on 07/12/2022

Petal 1 credit card: you are more than just your credit score

petal 1 credit card
This minimalistic green card design match Petal’s modern mindset on credit. Source: The Post New.

Getting your Petal 1 credit card is easier than you think. First, because you can do it online. Secondly, because they don’t have demanding eligibility requirements. Apply for it in a couple of minutes.


Credit Card

Petal 1

Visa No annual fee

Get rid of demanding credit score requirements with the new Petal 1 credit card.

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We’re tired of unnecessary bureaucracy in our lives. You have more important things to do than wasting your precious time with complicated application processes just to get a credit card. The Petal 1 credit card is straightforward! Keep reading to see how simple and good it is. 

Learn how to apply online

Photo of beautiful young woman working on laptop while sitting
Apply online for the Petal 1 credit card. Source: Adobe Stock.

Petal has two credit cards available, the Petal 1 and the Petal 2. When you apply at Petal’s website they will analyze your financial history to give you an offer. You may receive the offer for any of these two cards with no inquiry on your credit score until you accept it. 

This application form will request you the following information:

  • Email
  • Full name
  • Birthday
  • Phone
  • SSN (or Individual Tax Identification Number)

With this info in hand, Petal will respond to you with your card offer. If you agree to proceed with the application, you’ll be requested a few additional information just to confirm your identity and your address to receive your physical card.

Learn how to apply using the app

Once You complete the application process through the Petal website, you’ll have to download the mobile app to manage your account.

The app is available both for iOs and Android, and you’ll have a lot of useful tools there. You can check your credit card balance and see every transaction made.

You can also find the nearest place to get cash back rewards, as Petal encourages you to buy local and support merchants in your neighborhood.


What about another recommendation: Discover it® Secured Card

If your credit score is not in perfect shape, but you’d rather apply for another credit card instead of a Petal 1 credit card, we have a second option for you.

Discover it® Secured Card is on every top 10 list for best cards to build credit. With a security deposit of as little as $200, you’ll get a credit card to write your brand new credit history.

Learn everything about this outstanding card and how to apply for it in the following post, right here, at The Post New.

Discover it® Secured Credit Card

Discover it® Secured Card application

Applying for the Discover it® Secured Card is easy and can help you build your credit history. Read on to learn more about this card's features and how to apply today.

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