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QuicksilverOne Card application: how to get yours

Check out our easy guide on how you can apply for the QuicksilverOne Card from Capital One and earn great ongoing rewards while you boost your credit score.


QuicksilverOne Credit Card: Easy and simple application!

QuicksilverOne Credit Card
Learn how to apply for this credit card. Source: The Post New.

If you’re looking for a credit card with solid rewards, the QuicksilverOne Card from Capital One should be at the top of your list.

With 1.5% cash back on all purchases, this card is a great option for anyone looking to earn some extra money.


Credit Card

QuicksilverOne Card

rewards fair score

A credit card with cashback rewards and low annual fee!

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Plus, there’s no limit to how much cash back you can earn, so you can really rack up the rewards over time.

To qualify for the QuicksilverOne Card, you need to have average credit. This means that you have had some experience with credit and have made your payments on time.

However, applicants with a limited history and a steady income may also apply. 

The QuicksilverOne Card provides tools and resources to help you manage your credit and improve your credit score.

The bank reports payments to the credit bureaus, so responsible use should help you boost your rating in no time. Keep reading to learn how to apply!

Learn how to get this credit card online

person using QuicksilverOne Credit Card
Apply online and add this credit card to your wallet. Source: Adobe Stock.

The QuicksilverOne Card online application is quite simple, and you can even pre-qualify to check if the card is available to you before formally submitting a form.

First, access the Capital One website and select “credit cards” on the drop-down menu. 

Then, click on “cash back credit cards”. The new page will present you with two options from Capital One: the SavorOne cards and the QuicksilverOne cards. Choose the alternative on the right of your screen by clicking on “see cards”. 

There are four Quicksilver cards available. The QuicksilverOne Card is the third option.

Click on the card’s image and browse the page to learn about important disclosures. Once you’re ready to apply, click on “apply now”.

Then, you’ll have to fill out an online form with all your personal, financial, and contact information.

Check the required boxes and read their Terms & Conditions to ensure you understand what you’re signing up for. After doing so, click on “Continue”. 

If you don’t qualify for the QuicksilverOne Card, Capital One might consider your application for another credit card offer.

That second try does not perform a credit check or interfere with your QuicksilverOne application. 

How to get this card using the app

If you already have a Capital One checking or savings account, you can apply for this card via the mobile app using the same method as described above.

If you’re not currently banking with them, you can only apply for a QuicksilverOne Card online via a web browser. 

What about another recommendation: SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit

If you have a good credit score, you might want to consider another option. The SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit from Capital One offers a higher rewards rate and charges no annual fee.

Follow the link below to learn more about this card!

SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit Credit Card

SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit review

The SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit Credit Card is a great new option for people looking to earn rewards on their everyday spending. Read our review to find out more!

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