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Capital One® Guaranteed Mastercard® application process: A great way to raise your credit score

If you are looking to rebuild or repair your credit score and want to apply to a card that will approve you even with a low rating, the Capital One® Guaranteed Mastercard is here to help you with that.


by Julia Bermudez

Published on 08/22/2022

Easy and fast approval with Mastercard benefits

capital one guaranteed mastercard
You deserve a good credit card to rebuild your credit score. Source: The Post New.

The Capital One® Guaranteed Mastercard® is the perfect option for those with poor credit scores to improve their rating without paying too much for an annual fee. Besides that, the card offers other benefits like travel perks.

Also, every time you use your card and pay your bills on time, Capital One will send all your activity to the credit reporting agencies. That helps you increase your credit score gradually each month.


Credit Card

Capital One® Guaranteed

credit builder Mastercard

Don’t worry about your credit score. This card will help you repair it.

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You’ll have to pay an annual fee of $59. There’s a 19.8% APR for purchases and balance transfers and no minimum income requirement. To become eligible, you have to meet the company’s requirements, which are four conditions listed on their website. 

If you are ready for your new credit card, read below how you can apply for one.

How to apply for Capital One® Guaranteed Mastercard®: learn the application process

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Apply online for the Capital One® Guaranteed Mastercard®. Source: Adobe Stock.

To apply for a Capital One® Guaranteed Mastercard®, access their website.

Then, click on “Apply Now”. It will redirect you to the registration page, where there will be some important disclosures you must read before applying.

After that, Capital One® will require you to fill in some personal and financial information, such as your annual income and contact details. When you’re done filling out the information, click on the “Review My Application” button to get your new credit card approval. 

Capital One® Guaranteed Mastercard® vs. OpenSky® Secured Visa® credit card

If the Capital One® Guaranteed Mastercard® caught your attention, and you are interested in knowing other cards with similar benefits, get to know the OpenSky® Secured Visa® 

Here, you can compare their features and decide which fits your needs best. 


Capital One® Guaranteed Mastercard®

  • Credit Score: Bad – Poor.
  • APR: 19.8%.
  • Annual Fee: $59.
  • Fees: 2.5% Foreign Transaction Fee.
  • Welcome bonus: There’s no welcome bonus.
  • Rewards: None.

OpenSky® Secured Visa® credit card

  • Credit Score: Not required.
  • APR: There’s a 18.89% variable rate.
  • Annual Fee: There is a $35 annual fee.
  • Fees: $38 Max late fee.
  • Welcome bonus: There’s no welcome bonus.
  • Rewards: There are no rewards currently.
opensky secured visa credit card

OpenSky® Secured Visa® credit card application

If you need a card with a simple application process to rebuild your credit score, this is the one! Learn how to apply for the OpenSky® Secured Visa® credit card .

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