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FamZoo Prepaid card application: no credit check

Read this FamZoo Prepaid card application guide and learn how to get this card within minutes to start teaching your kids about money!


Pay allowances and help you kids learn the basics of money management

FamZoo Prepaid card
This debit card will help you teach your children about money and how to manage expenses. Source: The Post New.

With this card you have the chance to teach your kids about earning, saving and managing money at a low cost. Get this card today with this FamZoo Prepaid card application guide.


debit card

FamZoo Prepaid

no debt no credit check

Financial education is essential for our kids, and this prepaid card works for this!

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The FamZoo Prepaid card is extremely easy, and it allows you to be your own family banker, having your kids as customers. Read on and find out how to apply for this card.

Learn how to get your FamZoo Prepaid card online

Go to FamZoo’s website and find the “Order Cards” button right in the middle of the screen to start your FamZoo Prepaid card application process.

Enter your family sign-in name, your parent sign-in name, and create a password for the account. 

Also, enter your parent email. Optionally, you can add your parent mobile number, timezone, and coupon code if you have one.

After that, check the box to state that you agree to the FamZoo Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and finally hit “next”.

Now, on the next page, select your plan. You may choose Option 1 for the monthly payment plan, or Option 2 to pay in advance. Once you have chosen your plan, click on “next”.

Funding your FamZoo Prepaid card

FamZoo Prepaid card
There is no risk of debt using the FamZoo Prepaid card. Source: Canva.

Now it is time to fund the card. Select the username of the person who is going to fund the card.

Then, enter the card label, which will appear on the card just below the cardholder’s name.

Also, select the initial card load, and click on “next” to continue. This will take you to the next step, which is to add parents and children to the cards.

To add a child, click the little plus sign where it says “add a child”. Then, select the member type, enter the sign in name, the password and email address. 

You must also enter a mobile phone number and the member’s date of birth.

Once you are done filling it up, click on “add member”. Back to the previous page, you may add more members if you wish.

If not, now is the time to add a card. Click “add card” right below “add child”.

The website will show a small window where you must enter the card label. Hit “save”, and then hit “next”.

Now, enter your first and last name, Social Security Number, date of birth and email address.

You also have to enter your phone number and address. Then click on “verify cardholder”.

Verification to conclude the application process

Once you are done with the verification, hit next to start the final check-out. Select your payment method and click “next”. Now enter your card details and click “Pay now”.

As soon as the payment is complete, you will see a final page summarizing your order.

When you click “Ok” on this page, the website will take you to the Overview page.

There you will notice there are no accounts listed. Do not worry about that, they will show up as soon as you have received your cards in the mail and activated them online. 

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The Current Visa debit card is an excellent tool for parents to easily pay their teenagers an allowance and monitor their spending.

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In this Current Visa debit card review you will see how this card can help you teach your teenagers about money.

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