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Mastercard® Black Card™ review

If you're looking for a credit card that offers access to luxurious experiences, the Mastercard® Black Card™ is worth your attention.


Mastercard® Black Card™: Get a black card that matches your luxurious lifestyle!

Check out our full review of this card. Source: The Post New.

Are you in the market for a credit card that offers both luxury and convenience? Then you should definitely pay attention to this Mastercard® Black Card™ review.

Mastercard® Black Card™

How to get a Mastercard® Black Card™?

Are you ready for the luxuries of life? Then learn how the Mastercard® Black Card™ application process works and how to get yours today!

This Black-PVD-Coated Metal Card offers a range of exclusive benefits made for those with a lavish lifestyle.

The Mastercard® Black Card™ is a premium travel and lifestyle card. It offers luxury benefits for the most discerning of customers.

From exclusive access to events such as music festivals to complimentary hotel upgrades.

Moreover, the Mastercard® Black Card™ is designed to ensure you experience life’s greatest moments in style.

  • Credit Score: You need a score of at least 700 to become eligible.
  • APR: The Mastercard® Black Card™ offers a 0% intro APR for balance transfers for 15 billing cycles. After that, a variable 17.99% APR.
  • Annual Fee: $495, plus $195 for each authorized user.
  • Fees: 5% cash advance fee, 3% balance transfer fee, and up to $39 max late fee.
  • Welcome bonus: There’s no current offer for the Mastercard® Black Card™.
  • Rewards: 1 point per dollar spent. 2% back for airfare redemptions, 1.5% for cash back redemptions, $100 annual airline credit. 

With this card, you can also enjoy benefits such as a dedicated concierge service.

You’ll get Mastercard® Airport Experiences provided by Lounge Key, and access to World Elite Mastercard® Concierge services.

So if you want to upgrade your lifestyle, keep reading our Mastercard® Black Card™ review.

This way you’ll learn how you can enjoy the unique benefits and experiences that only this card can offer! 

Mastercard® Black Card™: how does it work?

Issued by Barclays Bank Delaware and Luxury Card, the Mastercard® Black Card™  is a travel and lifestyle credit card that provides high-end rewards and benefits.

But those benefits do not come without a price, and that price is a $495 annual fee.

New users can take advantage of a 0% APR on balance transfers for 15 billing cycles from account opening.

The card’s variable APR is 17.99% with no introductory period on purchases. But, adding an authorized user will cost you an extra $195 in annual fee. 

The card’s beautiful (and heavy) design draws attention. A stainless steel, black-PVD-coated patented design seems to be a selling point from Luxury.

As for rewards, cardholders 1 point per dollar spent. The redemption value is 2% for airfare and 1.5% for cash back.

Since this is a premium travel card, users also get 24/7 luxury concierge services and VIP treatment at airports.

Furthermore, you’ll get exclusive access to special events.

Significant benefits and disadvantages you may find

This luxurious credit card will match your style. Source: Freepik.

Below in our Mastercard® Black Card™ review, we’ll look over the pros and cons of having this card. There are a series of perks, to this credit card. However, it also comes with a few drawbacks you should know about. 


  • No foreign transaction fees for traveling abroad or making international purchases;
  • 2% airfare redemption value with no blackout dates or seat restrictions;
  • 1.5% cash back redemption value;
  • Interesting and patented design;
  • Exclusive and VIP treatment at thousands of airport lounges around the world;
  • Access to exclusive events and Priceless® benefits.


  • This card charges a very pricy annual fee;
  • There are no sign-up bonuses for new members;
  • There is no introductory period for purchases;
  • The rewards are barely worth the fees;
  • Requires a score of 700+ for eligibility. 

Is a good credit score required for applicants?

The Mastercard® Black Card™ is a highly sought-after card, with luxurious benefits and rewards.

But, it comes with certain eligibility requirements as well. One of these requirements is having a good credit score – usually 700 or above.

However, having a perfect credit score doesn’t guarantee approval either.

The issuer reviews your full credit history and also considers other factors. Your income and spending habits are key data points.

They make sure that you’ll be able to manage the card responsibly.

Learn how to apply and get a Mastercard® Black Card™

If this Mastercard® Black Card™ review sparked your interest in this card, we’ll sort you out.

You can follow the link below to get more details about the application process.

We’ll also look over the eligibility requirements and show you how you can get this card online.

Mastercard® Black Card™

How to get a Mastercard® Black Card™?

Are you ready for the luxuries of life? Then learn how the Mastercard® Black Card™ application process works and how to get yours today!

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