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How to get your myWalgreens Credit Card: online application

Follow our myWalgreens Credit Card application guide and get this card to start earning high rewards at Walgreens.


Get a Card That Earns You Rewards with Instant Redemption: myWalgreens Credit Card

myWalgreens Credit Card
Apply for the myWalgreens Credit Card to enjoy its rewards. Source: The Post New.

Looking for a credit card that rewards you for your Walgreens purchases and healthcare expenses? Follow this myWalgreens Credit Card application guide and get exceptional rewards on these expenses.


Credit Card

myWalgreens Credit Card

instant rewards no annual fee

The card offers exceptional rewards on Walgreens purchases!

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If you’re a frequent Walgreens shopper, the myWalgreens Credit Card application is a solid choice for earning rewards.

This card offers exceptional rewards on Walgreens purchases, as well as above-average rewards on grocery, healthcare, and wellness expenses.

With the myWalgreens Credit Card application, you can earn exceptional rewards on your Walgreens purchases and healthcare expenses.

This card offers unique features like instant redemption at checkout and rewards on healthcare and wellness expenses.

Follow our application guide for the myWalgreens Credit Card to apply quickly and easily. Earn exceptional rewards on Walgreens, grocery, healthcare, and wellness expenses today.

Learn how to get this credit card online

myWalgreens Credit Card
Taking care of your health must be a priority! Source: Canva.

Ready to start your myWalgreens Credit Card application? To apply for the myWalgreens Credit Card, you must first go to the Walgreens’ website.

You can simply search for Walgreens on Google and click on the link.

Then, once you arrive at the site, scroll down until you find a line that says “Shop Walgreens your way”.

Right below this line you will see a number of options from which you must click on the “myWalgreens™ Credit Card” option.

This will take you to a page containing more information about this card. Make sure you read through this page to ensure you are acquiring the right credit card for you.

If you decide getting this card is what you want to do, find the “apply now” button and click on it. After you click on it either sign in or create a new account.

Creating a new account is very easy, just click the button on the page and enter the information the website requires.

Follow the on-screen instructions to get and once you have your account, you are ready to start the application process.

Then, on the next page, read through the information that it presents, and enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. You must also enter your mobile phone number.

After that, click on continue for the website to send you a verification code. Then, enter the code and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the application process.

Once you are done, the issuer should give you a decision within a few minutes. If you get approved, you will receive your card in just a few business days.

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