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PCB Secured Visa® review: helps you build a credit score

Having a secured credit card is a safe and good way to build your score. Learn more about its advantages in this post and see if you should get one to boost your credit.


PCB Secured Visa®: get a chance to improve your credit

PCB secured visa
The PCB Secured Visa will help you fix your credit. Source: The Post New.

Knowing how hard it is to find a good credit card with no credit score, we’ve made a full review of the PCB Secured Visa®. You’ll see every pro and con of this card, and will know how easy it is to get one.

PCB secured visa

How to get PCB Secured Visa®?

Getting a secured credit card is easy, and you'll build your credit score very quickly if you use it responsibly. Learn how to apply for a PCB Secured Visa today.

If you need a credit card and are willing to pay a little security deposit, you will get a way better card.

Remember that your security deposit will come back to you at some point. Read this review and we’ll explain everything about it.

  • Credit Score: Poor/Fair credit score
  • APR: 18.90% fixed APR
  • Annual Fee: $39 annual fee
  • Fees: 1% foreign transaction fee
  • Welcome bonus: N/A
  • Rewards: N/A

PCB Secured Visa®: is it a good card?

The PCB Secured Visa® is the perfect card for those who have no credit history, or those who are facing a not-that-great credit score at the present moment.

It is a secured card, so you don’t have to show proof of creditworthiness. Your deposit will keep you and your credit issuer safe.

But you still have to pay your credit card balance on time and keep a strategical use of your credit limit.

Remember that it’s not just because you set a $500 credit limit that you’ll have to use all this room in purchases.

Leave some space to have the right ratio between your credit limit and your credit usage. This will help you increase your score way faster. 

PCB Secured Visa®: should you get one?

Remember to use your credit card and pay it on time to build your credit history. Source: Freepik.

If you have bad credit right now, you’re probably tired of bureaucracy, right? Don’t worry.

PCB Secured Visa® will not demand dozens of financial information and documents just to give you a credit line. Check its pros and cons to see if you should get one.


  • No credit check.
  • Set your own credit limit with your refundable security deposit.
  • Use a credit card while you save your deposit money. As soon as you pay off your card balance you can decide to take it back.
  • Affordable annual fee and a low fixed rate at the Annual Percentage Rate.


  • No rewards and no welcome bonus.
  • Charges an annual fee and foreign transaction fee.
  • No possibility of upgrading for an unsecured card with the same issuer.

What is the required credit score?

PCB Secured Visa required absolutely no credit score. It can be poor, average, or good. It doesn’t matter. Apply and you’ll get the chance to rebuild your credit.

PCB Secured Visa® application

Applying for this card is easy, and your chances of getting approved are very high. Just check if you have at least $200 for the security deposit and are 18 years old.

If you have what it takes, click on the following link to see how you can make this application process and get your credit card. 

PCB secured visa

How to apply for a PCB Secured Visa®?

Getting a secured credit card is easy, and you'll build your credit score very quickly if you use it responsibly. Learn how to apply for a PCB Secured Visa today.

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