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Earn interest on your credit card just by keeping a positive balance!

African Bank Credit Card – Affordability and convenience with worldwide acceptance!


Are you looking for a credit card that fits your unique needs? Tired of endless offers with limited outcomes? The African Bank Credit Card is the perfect way to get the most out of your spending power and reward yourself in ways other cards simply can’t. With exclusive offers, competitive fees and advantageous interest rates, this is the ultimate go-to credit product for those looking to make their hard earned money work harder.


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Are you looking for an ingenious way to make your finances easier to manage? If so, the African Bank Credit Card could be just what you are looking for. Check out some of its great benefits below!

Up to 62 days interest-free credit on purchases (online and at points of purchase).
Earn 3% interest per year when you keep a positive balance on your account.
Have access to convenience and security with tap to pay and online OTP (one time pin).
Use this credit card anywhere in the world where merchants accept Visa!

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To qualify for the African Bank Credit Card, you need to be a South African resident over the age of majority. You also need to provide proof of income and bank statements reflecting the last three months of your salary.

There is no preset spending limit on the African Bank Credit Card. Your specific credit line will be determined by your credit risk profile along with other financial data. Customers with healthy finances might get a limit as high as R250,000. African Bank also reviews your profile periodically, and responsible use can grant you a limit increase in as little as six months.

Credit Life Insurance is mandatory for all new customers, and will help you keep afloat in case of an unexpected life event. With it, you’ll have added peace of mind if any of the following may occur: compulsory unpaid leave, loss of income, temporary disability, permanent disability, and death.

Looking for a hassle-free way to maximize your credit potential and take advantage of great benefits? Then follow the link below and learn how you can easily apply for the African Bank Credit Card.

African Bank Credit card

African Bank Credit Card online application

Learn how to easily and quickly apply for the African Bank Credit Card online. Read our step-by-step guide on how to get started.

But if you’d like a card that can help you strengthen your credit while rewarding your purchases, the Absa Flexi Core Credit Card is a solid option. Check the following link to learn more about it, including how you can apply!

ABSA Flexi Core Credit Card

How to get a ABSA Flexi Core Credit Card

In this ABSA Flexi Core Credit Card application guide you will learn how to get this card to start enjoying its amazing benefits.

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