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Read on and find out how the Coinbase Card allows you to earn cash back in crypto on all purchases.

Coinbase Card – Earn up to 2% cash back in the form of crypto, and make purchases with your crypto converted automatically.


The Coinbase Card is a risk-free option for individuals looking to dip their toes in crypto waters. It gives you the opportunity to earn crypto on all purchases, making it possible for you to accumulate crypto without risking your own money in this volatile volatile market. If you have crypto in your account and would like to use it to make purchases, the card will automatically convert it into U.S. dollars.


You will remain in the same website

Have a look at some of the benefits you have access to with the Coinbase Card.

No credit requirements
No ATM fees
Earn cash back in crypto on every purchase
The card does not charge an annual fee

You will remain in the same website

The Coinbase Card is currently available in select European countries as well as in the United States. European countries where you can get the Coinbase Card include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. However, Coinbase is working to expand the offer to other markets as well.

As a Visa debit card, the Coinbase Card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. The card works internationally, both online and offline. With this product you can make ATM cash withdrawals as well as purchases at stores and merchants.

No. The rewards you have earned will not expire for as long as your account remains open and in good standing. However, offers may expire, and when this happens you will not be able to choose said reward. You will be able to choose new rewards every month, which will be available in the Coinbase app, where you can also check their expiration dates. If you do not choose a new reward once yours expires, the card will pick one for you automatically. With the Coinbase Card you have the ability to change rewards at any time using the Coinbase app.

You can start using your card for online purchases as soon as you have been approved. You may need to create a Pin for your Coinbase Card if you want to spend using ApplePay or GooglePay. To create a pin you must go to the “Home” tab, select “Coinbase card”, then tap “Manage card” in the top right corner of the app. After that, tap “Change PIN” and follow the on-screen instructions. If you need, you can also call the Coinbase Support center at +1 (888) 908-7930.

If the Coinbase Card sounds like a fit to you, you should go ahead and check out our application guide. Click the link and we will show you how to do it.


How to get your Coinbase Card

In this Coinbase Card application guide we will show you how to get this card so that you start earning crypto back on your spending.

If you are looking for another similar credit card offer for comparison, you should check out the BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature Card.

With this card you can make 1.5% back on every purchase. Plus, if you reach an annual spending of $30,000, you earn 2% back on all purchases.

The card also earns you 10% back at select merchants and restaurants through BlockFi Offers. Interested? Then click the link below and learn more about it.

BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature Card

BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature Card application

BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature Card gives you up to 10% cash back in crypto, and charges no annual fee.

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