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Wise Debit Card review

With the Wise Debit Card, you’ll have access to over 50 currencies in a single, secure Visa card. Learn how you can spend your money in over 170 countries without paying expensive fees in this Wise Debit Card review.


by Aline Barbosa

Published on 10/12/2022

Get an international card that holds over 50 currencies!

wise debit card
The wise debit card is the best way to use your money abroad. Source: The Post New.

Are you looking for a way to make transferring money abroad easier and more affordable? If you do, keep reading this Wise Debit Card review!

wise debit card

Wise Debit Card: Get the best conversion rates!

Check this walkthrough of the Wise Debit Card application process and learn how to easily request your multi-currency card online.

We’ll take a closer look at the features of this card and what makes it stand out from other options on the market. We’ll also discuss how it can help you save money when sending funds overseas.

  • Credit Score: You can apply for a Wise Card regardless of your credit score.
  • APR: This is a prepaid card, so there’s no annual percentage rate.
  • Annual Fee: There’s no annual fee for the Wise Debit Card.
  • Fees: You’ll have to pay a small conversion fee that is variable and according to the currency you choose. Wise might also charge a small fee to issue you the card.
  • Welcome bonus: There are currently no welcome bonuses tied to the Wise Card.
  • Rewards: This card offers no rewards. 

The Wise Debit Card is a great option because it has no fees, offers fair exchange rates, and is convenient to use.

When you swipe this card, you are charged the mid-market rate for the currency you are using – there are no hidden fees or charges.

The card is also convenient to use. You can use it anywhere that accepts Visa, and you can withdraw money from ATMs. 

The card is linked to your Wise account, so you can easily top it up with money when you need to.

Overall, this is a solid choice for anyone looking for a convenient and fee-free way to spend money abroad. Keep reading our Wise Debit Card review to learn more!

Wise Debit Card: how does it work?

The Wise Debit Card is linked to your Wise account, and you can use it to make purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs in over 175 countries.

When you use the card, the funds are automatically converted from your Wise balance into the local currency at the real exchange rate.

You can also choose to hold multiple currencies in your Wise account, and the card will automatically select the best exchange rate when you make a purchase.

There are no fees for using the Wise Card, and you can use it anywhere in the world that accepts Visa cards. 

The Wise Debit Card is a convenient way to access your Wise account balance and make international purchases without incurring any fees.

The bank promises mid-market rates and is a much cheaper option than a regular credit card.

Significant benefits and disadvantages of the Wise debit card

Man and woman eating italian pasta and drinking wine at restaurant on the street in Rome. Concept of Italian gastronomy and travel. Italian couple having lunch together
Use this card to use your money while you are traveling. Source: Adobe Stock.

There are many perks to owning this card if you travel internationally. However, as stated, this card works differently than a regular credit card.

Therefore, you should know all the highlights and lowlights before signing up for it. Check the pros and cons next in our Wise Debit Card review. 



  • There are zero fees and card charges to pay.
  • You can spend over 50 currencies on your Wise Debit Card for free.
  • You can auto-convert currencies and save even more money.
  • Withdraw up to $100 a month for free in over 5 million ATMs.
  • Manage your expenses and control your card with the app.


  • It doesn’t work as a credit card but as a prepaid card. That means that your spending limit is the money you have in your account.
  • It doesn’t offer rewards or cash back on purchases.
  • There are daily and monthly spending limits, regardless of your balance. 

Is a good credit score required for applicants?

Not at all. The Wise Debit Card works as a prepaid card. That means you’ll use the money you have in your account balance.

Because of that, it’s much easier to apply and be approved for the card, regardless of your current credit score. 

Learn how to apply and get a Wise Debit Card

If you enjoyed this Wise Debit Card review and want to learn how you can request the card, it’s super easy. You can do it online or through the app, and it won’t take more than a couple of minutes.

For more details, follow the link below to learn the entire application process and how you can order your card today!

wise debit card

Wise Debit Card: Get the best conversion rates for

Check this walkthrough of the Wise Debit Card application process and learn how to easily request your multi-currency card online.

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