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Spark Cash Plus Credit Card application

Learn how the application process for the Spark Cash Plus Card from Capital One works and start taking advantage of perks like no other card can offer! Read on to see our complete guide.


Spark Cash Plus Credit Card: Easy manage your business expenses online!

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See how to apply for the Spark Cash Plus Card. Source: The Post New.

For business owners and entrepreneurs looking for a reliable credit card, the Spark Cash Plus Card from Capital One offers lots of fantastic features to make your life easier.

With a fixed 2% cash back on all purchases, you can earn rewards quickly and easily with no limit.


Credit Card

Spark Cash Plus Card

cash back welcome bonus

Your business deserves the best credit card: Spark Cash Plus Card.

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New users can get a $1,000 cash bonus after spending $50,000 within the first six months of membership.

While this card offers great rewards, it’s important to note that it’s a “pay in full” card. Which means there’s no APR, but a 2,99% monthly late fee. 

The $150 annual fee might seem steep. But if you prioritize the use of this card for your business, the initial bonus and annual $200 yearly cash bonus will easily offset that cost.

The card offers free employee cards and customized spending limits, which makes it much easier to manage your company’s expenses.

It does require an excellent credit score for all new applicants, which means it’s not available for everyone.

However, if you’re eligible, this card is truly a bargain.

On top of all the perks mentioned above, you’ll also be able to enjoy international travels with no foreign transaction fees and a 5% return for travel-related bookings via Capital One Travel. 

With all these features, it’s no wonder Spark Cash Plus Card is one of the top business credit cards around!

If you’d like to learn how you can apply for it, keep reading our content below. 

Learn how to get your Spark Cash Plus Card online

woman apply for capital one spark cash plus
Go to Capital One’s website, and you can apply for this credit card. Source: Canva.

Ready to apply for the Spark Cash Plus Card? Then let’s look over how the process works.

Applying online is easy – Capital One just needs a few details and you could be on your way to taking advantage of all that this credit card has to offer. 

First, select “Apply Now” on the Spark Cash Plus Business Credit Card page. On the next page, you’ll enter your business name, address and contact information.

Next, provide some details about the primary account holder – their name, Social Security number and other contact information.

Then you’ll be asked to supply financial data about your business, such as its revenue and expenses for the past two years. 

After that, you’ll need to answer a few questions about your business and its credit card use.

Once you fill out all the information, you can submit your application.

Make sure to read their Terms & Conditions before finishing the process. 

Once the bank approves your request, you should receive your new card between 7 to 10 business days.

How to get this card using the app

You can only request the Spark Cash Plus Card via mobile app if you already have a Capital One business account. In that case, you can check if you’re pre-approved for it by tapping “menu” and “credit cards”.

If you don’t have a Capital One business account, you’ll need to apply for it online by following the steps described above. 

What about another recommendation: Chase Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

However, if you want to check out other options before committing your business to a Spark Cash Plus Card, it’s okay.

In that case, our recommendation is the Chase Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card. 

This card has a cheaper annual fee, offers a great welcome bonus and a fantastic 3 points per dollar rewards rate on selected purchases.

To learn more about what it has to offer, check out the link below. You won’t be disappointed!

Chase Ink Business Preferred credit card

Chase Ink Business Preferred Credit Card review

Read this Chase Ink Business Preferred Credit Card review and find out about this card's fat welcome bonus and high ongoing rewards.

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