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Are you looking for a card that not only does it reward you with points that match your lifestyle but also offer an extensive 0% p.a. balance transfer period?

With the Coles Rewards Credit Card, you’ll earn valuable points and a sweet welcome bonus to seal the deal – plus, 6 months of no-interest on balance transfers!


If you’re looking for a rewards credit card to help save money on your everyday shopping, the Coles Rewards Mastercard could be perfect for you. Offering exclusive savings, as well as rewards and extras that can help make life a little easier, this is more than just an ordinary credit card – it’s an all-in-one financial solution!

Are you looking for a rewards credit card that will give you value for money and the flexibility to choose where, when and how you shop? The Coles Rewards Mastercard might be perfect for you! Check some of its perks next.

A big and generous welcome bonus worth 60,000 bonus Flybuy points.
Earn 2 points per eligible purchase and one extra point when you shop at Coles – making a 3 total!
6 months of interest-free balance transfers to help you consolidate and reduce credit card debt.
No foreign conversion fees on international purchases, whether online or in person!

Qualifying for the Coles Rewards Mastercard is relatively straightforward, but it ultimately depends on your individual financial circumstances and credit history. The bank will assess your application based on a range of factors, including your income, employment status, credit score, and other financial obligations.

If you’d like to learn how to apply for the Coles Rewards Mastercard, check the following link for a complete walkthrough.

Coles Rewards Mastercard

How to apply for Coles Rewards Mastercard?

Find out step-by-step how you can apply for the Coles Rewards Mastercard Card and get closer to taking advantage of its rewards today!

But if you’d like to invest in a safe travel-related card, we recommend the Australia Post Travel Platinum Mastercard®. See the link below to learn more about its features and how to apply for it.

Australia Post Travel Platinum Mastercard®

How to get your Australia Post Travel Platinum?

Lock in exchange rates and save money on travel! Just follow this Australia Post Travel Platinum Mastercard® application guide.

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