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Earn more value for your money with a rewarding and affordable credit solution!

NedBank Gold Credit Card – Greenbacks and discounts on eligible purchases!


Do you want to make sure that you get the best deals and most convenience when it comes to banking? Then check out the NedBank Gold Credit Card! With your Gold Card, you’ll have access to a range of benefits and rewards that are designed specifically for the modern consumer. Read on for more details – this could be just what you need to step up your financial game!


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Are you looking for an all-in-one credit card that can provide you with amazing benefits and convenience? The NedBank Gold Credit Card is the answer. Check below to learn some of its incredible perks!

An affordable and convenient credit card, with a low monthly fee and plenty of rewards.
Earn Greenbacks on all of your eligible purchases!
The card offers pay over time features with a budget facility – perfect for large purchases.
Get special offers and discounts on dining, travel, entertainment and more with NedBank’s network.

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To qualify for the NedBank Gold Credit Card, you need to be a South African resident with a valid ID or passport. You also need to be over the age of 18 with a healthy credit score and earn R5,000 or more per month. NedBank may ask for a recent proof of income and residence when reviewing your application.

If you want to add the NedBank Gold Credit Card to your wallet, you’ll have to pay a one-time initiation fee of R180.00. The card charges a monthly service fee of R20 and a credit facility fee of R20. There are no charges on card swipes, and you can choose to earn Greenbacks on purchases with a linkage fee of R27.

With the NedBank Gold Credit Card, you can earn Greenbacks on eligible purchases as well as discounts and access to special offers. You’ll get 50% off of Nu Metro tickets, the chance to win R20,000 worth of fuel, get special deals on dining, travel and shopping, and much more!

Are you looking for a convenient and secure way to shop anywhere, anytime? Do you need access to a wide range of exclusive benefits that can help lighten your load? Consider applying for the NedBank Gold Credit Card!

This gold standard in credit cards offers powerful features, outstanding security measures, and rewards points that just keep on giving.

Check the following link to learn everything you need to know about the application process. 

NedBank Gold Credit Card

How to get your NedBank Gold Card?

Here’s a guide on how to apply for the NedBank Gold Card with all the information you need to know about this exclusive credit card.

But if you’d like to check out another option, see the link below to learn all about the features and benefits of the African Bank Gold Credit Card. We’ll also show you how you can easily apply for it online. 

African Bank Gold Credit Card

How to get your African Bank Gold Credit Card

In this African Bank Gold Credit Card application guide we will show you how to get this card fast so you can start enjoying its benefits.

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