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How to choose the perfect credit card? Learn how!

Are you confused, looking for a new credit card? With so many options, it is really not an easy task. But we'll give you a few tips about it in this post.


Find out quickly if you’re approved and enjoy all the card’s advantages! .

Select a card based on your credit score

Limited Credit
Bad Credit
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Fair Credit
Good Credit
Excellent Credit

Everybody needs to choose a credit card sometime. And the sooner you start using it, the better. But with so many options in the market, how can you choose the right one?

We’ll help you establish some parameters based on your credit score.


5 best cards for those with no credit history

Learn more about starter credit cards for people with no credit score on this post. You'll find the best card for you!

Because even if there are tons of credit card options, not all of them are available for you. Also, not every card will suit your lifestyle.

But don’t worry! There is no reason to get anxious about it. There is a clear path to this decision, and you’ll learn how to choose your credit card by reading this post all the way.

How does a credit score work?

credit check
Learn how your credit score work. Source: Freepik.

Let’s start talking about your credit score. Undoubtedly, it will have an important role in your decision.

The credit score is a method developed by credit bureaus to determine if a person is trustworthy to receive a line of credit. After all, when you receive a line of credit, your issuer is trusting you. They are giving you money in advance, hoping that you’ll pay it back.

There is more than one type of credit score, but they all work almost the same. It consists of a three-digit number that ranges from 300 to 850.

Learn how to compose your credit score

But how do they get to this number that is so important to help you choose your credit card? While the exact equation is a mystery, we know which factors will impact your score and how important each of them is. These are the five major aspects to look for:

  • Payment history: This is the most important factor, which will make up most of your score. This speaks to your ability to pay bills on time. and at the end of the day, this is what matters most to your credit issuer who wants to get their money back.
  • Your credit vs. debt ratio: The second most important factor is the relation between your total credit limit (including all your credit cards and lines of credit) and how much you are using that limit. That is, how much you owe at the moment. The greater the distance between these two factors, the better.
  • Length of credit history: Remember we said the sooner you start using a credit card, the better? It is because of this factor, which will take into account the amount of time you have been dealing with credit in your life. This speaks about your experience.
  • New credit lines: The number of recent lines of credit you have will demonstrate whether you have been relying on them more lately than usual. Having a lot of recent newlines is not a good sign.
  • Variety of credit lines: It’s good to have a varied portfolio of lines of credit, such as different types of loans in addition to credit cards.

5 best cards for those with no credit history

Learn more about starter credit cards for people with no credit score on this post. You'll find the best card for you!

How will your credit score impact your credit card choice?

As your credit score determine your creditworthiness, it will pretty much determine which credit cards you can get and which ones you can not. To choose your card, you have to know your credit score.

Don’t worry, there are credit cards for everyone! But maybe not exactly the one you’re dreaming about. That’s because your credit score can prevent you from getting it.

You’ll get classified as the following:

Very Poor300 – 599
Poor600 – 649
Fair650 – 699
Good700 – 749
Excellent750 – 850

Each credit range will have a certain array of available cards.

If your credit is really bad, bad, or fair, you will need a card to rebuild it. They are called credit builders.

If your score is good or excellent, you can now access cards with benefits and rewards.

What should you look for in a credit card before applying for it?

close up of woman holding many credit cards
Look for the right card for your lifestyle. Source: Freepik.

First, let’s remember that every time you apply for a new card, it makes a mark on your credit score. So it’s important to analyze which cards you actually have a chance of getting before you apply.

So, the first thing you should evaluate is whether the card is suitable for your credit range. Most broadcasters have a clear announcement about this. Others give you a chance to pre-qualify to see if you have a chance before making the actual application.

After that, evaluate the costs of the card. This includes all fees related to it. Some cards charge annual fees, and others charge monthly fees. Some charge both, plus a programming fee.

Most of the time, the lower your credit score, the higher your interest rate. Always look for the lowest APR, as this will impact the final amount you will pay for your credit card balance.

Finally, evaluate the rewards and other benefits, if any. See which one fits your lifestyle best and matches your spending pattern.

Find the best card for you: pay attention to these aspects

Here are some aspects that a card can have to help you choose a card:

  • Travel Rewards: Some cards will reward you with miles on all your purchases, which can be redeemed as airline tickets. Other travel benefits include priority boarding, access to airport lounges, free baggage, etc.
  • Cashback and Points: This type of reward can be found on premium cards or on cards for people who are rebuilding credit.
  • 0% Intro APR: This benefit is a great way to save money. You can transfer the balance of other credit cards and avoid interest. It is usually available on credit cards for good scores. 
  • Credit score builders: These cards will help you rebuild your credit. Many have educational resources to teach you how to handle the card.
  • Premium cards: If your credit score is excellent, you can benefit from a card with special advantages. Some cards have luxurious benefits to make your trip a dream come true.

Improve your credit score to choose the best credit cards: learn some tips to do it

Your credit score has huge importance in your financial life. To be able to really choose the card you want, you’ll need a good or excellent one.

If you’re not there yet, don’t worry. We have some tips that will help you build a strong credit score. You can do it!

Text credit score on sticky note with wooden cubes emotion icons

5 ways to improve your credit score

Having a strong credit score can help you in many ways. If you need some help to build or rebuild yours, you can count on The Post New.

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