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Looking for a credit card that offers a rewards program that earns you points on everyday spending?

The American Express® Platinum Edge is the ideal choice for those seeking to save while unlocking unforgettable adventures!


What sets the American Express® Platinum Edge apart is its rewarding points program, allowing you to earn points on everyday expenses like groceries and petrol, ensuring you get something back with every purchase. This is a versatile financial companion that enhances your financial security and travel experiences!


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The American Express® Platinum Edge Card offers compelling reasons to make it a valuable addition to your wallet! Explore some of the key benefits!

Enjoy a $0 annual fee in the first year
Receive annual travel credit, opening doors to exciting adventures
Earn Membership Rewards points on everyday spending
Gain peace of mind with complimentary travel insurance coverage

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In a world where your credit card can be more than just a piece of plastic, the American Express® Platinum Edge stands out as a versatile and rewarding companion. Find some of its pros and drawbacks below!

Upsides and benefits of the American Express® Platinum Edge

  • $0 Annual Fee: Enjoy significant savings with a $0 annual fee in the first year, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • $200 Annual Travel Credit: Elevate your travel experiences with an annual $200 credit, redeemable for eligible domestic and international flights, hotels, or car rentals.
  • Rewarding Points Program: Earn points on everyday purchases, including 3 points per $1 spent at major supermarkets and petrol stations and 2 points on foreign currency purchases.
  • Complimentary Travel Insurance: Travel with confidence knowing that you, your partner, and your dependent children are covered by complimentary travel insurance for a range of benefits, including medical emergencies and COVID-19 protection.

Drawbacks of the American Express® Platinum Edge 

  • Annual Fee after the First Year: While the first year offers a $0 annual fee, an annual fee applies from the second year onwards. Be sure to consider this cost in your financial planning.
  • Interest Rate: The card carries an annual interest rate of 23.99% p.a. on purchases, which can accumulate if you carry a balance.
  • Foreign Transaction Fees: If you frequently make purchases in foreign currencies, be aware of potential foreign transaction fees.
  • Credit Score Requirement: To qualify for this card, you typically need a good to excellent credit score, which may not be suitable for those with a less-than-ideal credit history.

The American Express® Platinum Edge Credit Card is a premium credit card designed for individuals in Australia. It offers a range of benefits, including a $0 annual fee in the first year, an annual $200 travel credit, a rewards program, and complimentary travel insurance. It’s known for providing a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance financial and travel experiences.

The $200 annual travel credit can be used for eligible domestic and international travel expenses. This credit is redeemable for various travel-related expenses, including flights, hotel bookings, and car rentals. It’s a valuable benefit that can help offset the cost of your travel adventures.

To apply for the American Express® Platinum Edge Credit Card, there are several eligibility criteria to consider. You should have no history of bad debt or payment default, be aged 18 years or over, and be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or hold a long-term visa. As part of the application process, you’ll need to agree to a credit check. Additionally, you’ll need to have specific documentation and information ready. The application process is relatively quick and can often provide a response within 60 seconds, making it a convenient option for those who meet the eligibility requirements.

Curious to know how the American Express® Platinum Edge can redefine your approach to personal finance and travel experiences? This credit card is a financial powerhouse that can elevate your spending!

From its enticing new card member offer to the enticing travel credits, unveil how this card can be your ultimate companion for financial security and unforgettable journeys in a comprehensive review.

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