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Get free access to your FICO Score and manage your credit building progress!

Citi® Secured Mastercard® Credit Card – No annual fee and low deposit requirements to help you improve your credit score!


Are you ready to take the next step toward building your credit? If so, you might want to consider looking into a Citi® Secured Mastercard® Credit Card. With this card, you can make purchases with confidence while also benefiting from features like flexible payment options and credit bureau reporting. But there’s more – just by having this card, you’ll be taking an important first step towards establishing a healthy credit history.


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Have you been trying to build your credit score, but aren't sure about how to get started? The Citi® Secured Mastercard® Credit Card might just be the right tool for you! Check some of its perks below.

You can qualify for a Citi® Secured Card with no credit or a limited credit history.
Citi reports all account activity to the three major credit bureaus in the country, helping you boost your score even faster.
You can build a healthy credit score without having to pay for monthly or annual fees.
Get the purchasing power and the prestige of a real Mastercard® product and make purchases anywhere in the world where Mastercard® is accepted.

You will remain in the same website

Not at all! The Citi® Secured Mastercard® Credit Card is a credit building product designed to help you improve and establish your credit score. For that reason, you can request it if you’re 18 or older and have a Social Security Number. You must also meet Citi’s credit score requirements to qualify.

Unlike most secured cards, you cannot get a spending limit increase with your Citi® Secured Mastercard® Credit Card after you open your account. When you apply, the credit line you choose will remain the same for the life of your account. If you use your card responsibly and make on-time payments in full for at least 18 months, Citi might consider upgrading you to an unsecured card.

To fund your Citi® Secured Mastercard® Credit Card security deposit, you must transfer the desired amount from another bank account to your name. If you don’t have a bank account, you should only be able to apply for the card by visiting a local branch and speaking directly to a representative.

Are you looking for a way to establish, rebuild or strengthen your credit? The Citi® Secured Mastercard® Credit Card could be the perfect solution. Check the following link and learn how to apply for it!

Citi® Secured Mastercard® Credit Card

Citi® Secured Mastercard® Credit Card application

The Citi® Secured Mastercard® Card is a great option for people who are looking to build or rebuild their credit history. See how to apply!

But if you’re not convinced this is the best card for you, there are other options. In this case, we recommend you take a look at the Platinum Secured Credit Card from Capital One. 

In the link below, you’ll find everything you need to know about this card, including how you can easily apply for it online. Read on for more!

Platinum Secured Card from Capital One

Platinum Secured Card from Capital One application

Learn how the Platinum Secured Card from Capital One application process works and take the first step towards a life of better credit!

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